Rules priority clash!!πŸ˜‡ : Episode 1

Need I tell you what an average person is up to when he has enough of Nutrition tablets(Somewhat similar to what Farhan Akhtar does in his Nutrilite Ad!)

(PS: Amway is not paying me to do this!!)

Now similar is the case with Kushagra.

To make his day,pretty awesome, he gets up early in the morning, gets into his jogging shoes and drains out all his carbs consumed on the previous night.

Thereafter,he goes for swimming which further tightens up his abs, hands and legs. 

After taking a shower, he gets ready like professionals do. Yeah! Not a pinch of dust on his shoes!Tie knot at the proper place. He gives a decent amount of time in remembering Almighty.

He has his breakfast, which is relatively heavier than most of his meals throughout the day.

Looking confident, he sets off to the office, reaches and never ever makes stride to reach to the lift as he doesn’t use one!!( 2 floors, don’t get any ideas)

On the way his looks leave no stone unturned to leave the fellow female colleagues awestruck.

 Yeah!! Those peepy eyes through the spectacles.They never miss a chance to scan him.

Okay..Fast Forward

Work-Lunch-Meetings-Evening Presentations- Home.

Now something was really odd that day when he woke up! But probably he was worth it.

He did not go for jogging. Neither did he tone up his muscles by swimming.

Where was he? What was he upto?

New Delhi Railway Station.

He ran along the platform to find his coach. With a backpack and a bottle of water, and the sunglasses swung in ‘Complex Harmonic motion’.

Among the cacophony of people and hawkers, his ears managed to spot the voice of Pratishtha.(Ahh!! The first feeling in your minds and shutting down them. No! She was not his girlfriend. Just childhood buddies and probably they already had enough of breakup-Patch up stuff to consolidate their minds into an open relationship.

( Ohh! Does that work? Yeah! It does, because you simply can’t believe the same, until someone unravels you!!)

“Kushagra”, she yelled up twice.

“Hey…come here! …Fuck! Look here you bloody idiot..”

And to her over-caring words!!(πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜Š)he responded and jumped into the compartment as the boggies were about to rattle on track 

He was panting. She gave him some water to drink and he swallowed gulps of water, letting out fast breaths.

She said,”Don’t Panic, you’re on board now!!” 

They went and sat down on the two seats in the third row from the front.

And the Shatabdi Express caught up its pace, as it rattled past the platform……………(To be Continued)

Hey guys!!

Thanks for reading. I just randomly started off a series.(I really don’t know why that went off.) But anyways. Hoping that it drew some of your interests(Did it?)which would be aroused more in the upcoming episodes!! Stay tuned!!

Thanks again for your Love and Support!!

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