Rules Priority Clash😇: Episode 4(Haridwar) : The Disagreement with the boss!!

Spirituality turned the atmosphere  warm. The warmth of Love was enough for two souls to unite.Kushagra had no idea that he was merely an inch away from Pratishtha. Her hair flew with every gust of cool breeze,  touching Kushagra’s face and he closed his eyes engulfing some old memories, some familiar aroma, some familiar feelings….

“Kusshhhh…”, a voice echoed in his head and he suddenly fell apart.

Thousands of bell and loud voices started echoing in his head. He held his head with hands and fell on his knees. He buried his face in his lap. 

“Kush!!…. What happened?  Hey!! Are…are you okay!!…Kushh!!.. Kush..what happened dear!”, Pratishtha said as she climbed up the stairs of the ghat to reach to Kushagra.

She patted him and supported him to stand. He suddenly burst in tears.

“hey!! You’re crying? ..what happened? Tell me…”, she said hugging him tight.

Kushagra drenched her shoulders with his tears. He cried and cried. Like a kid he wept, like a broken soul, like his past was inflicting upon him.

“Stop crying..why…suddenly.. what happened!! We were having a good time, weren’t we?”, said Pratishtha hailing an autorickshaw.

He pushed him sit inside the auto.


The hotel room:

“Ya! Room no. 201…Right..Okay! By what time shall the order be served?..okay 30 minutes.. Okay..Thank you so much”, she hung up the intercom.

She drew closer to the bed and sat down on a chair near the bed.

Kushagra was lying down with his face buried in the Pillow. He was yet to calm.

“oh!! C’mon..break that awkward silence. At least tell me something, so that I can find a solution to it! Damn it!”, jerked pratishtha.

She stood up and sat on the bed near Kushagra 

“Okay! Listen..just turn to me ..c’mon..yes! Y.yes. ..”, she said turning his head to her lap.

“Life has become so miserable, Pari”, he uttered his first words after forty five minutes of sobbing.

” Why what’s wrong? Tell me. I am there for you!”,she said holding his hands

“All throughout the school life, the college and at the office, I have always tried to be the perfect student and then the perfect employee. I have always given my best in trying to make everyone contented with my work. Still, they leave no stone unturned to humiliate me, to torture me and all that for no fault on my part. A wretched creature does something wrong and all that fucking bastard  does is to tell the Boss that I am responsible for it! “, sighed Kushagra.

He continued,”Life was great when we loved each other. And then you went away, like a gust of clouds, sprinkling few water droplets on me so that I may believe that my life is going to be filled up with water and all I got was a severe drought. You never thought about me! Did you?”

The room was engulfed by silence once again. The little operational noise of the air conditioner was the only sound that could be heard.

Suddenly, a phone rung. It was kushagra’s . The screen flashed, 

” Bastard Boss Calling”

“Just hang up!!”, said Pratishtha.

“Ohh!! Shut up! Don’t get crazy he will fire me. I have to take this.😬Afterall I am his slave chained by the dollars he throws in my bank account.😩”, he swiped his thumb!!

“Good Evening Sir!!”

“What the fuck is this? You think you can randomly go out of station and I am not going to know about it! You better mail me the advisory statements, like now!….Can you hear me…Now!!”, echoed from the speaker of the phone.

Suddenly Pratishtha snatched his phone.

” Just shut up you bloody slave of greed!! Fuck the shit out of yourself, or else I will screw you up so hard that the next day,people won’t be able to recognise their fucking boss. Take the bloody statements in your a**. You bloody asshole.Don’t dare to call him anymore!”, and she hung up.😱😱😱

Kushagra was like😫😰. “What the hell was that!! Are you totally out of your senses. Have you gone crazy!!”

“Yes!! I am crazy. You know I am.Right?”😄😎 said Pratishtha,” and I think you should also try that!!what say!!”

” Oh! Stop being childish. He has my job in his hands. He will screw me.”, Kushagra said.

“Oh! You really think so he will? I have already screwed him up to an extent that he will not be able to recover for the next few days!”., replied Pratishtha with a witty smile”Now do one thing. You’ve watched jab we met. Right? Oh! We saw it together. Shall I tell you anything more?😀😀”

“But I don’t have his photograph. I mean who keeps the photo of his wretched boss”,said Kushagra with a mild smile on his face.😐

“You have your Phone. Now open all your social accounts and block him. C’mon do it!! It will be fun! Trust me it’s gonna be awesome. ….okay. Now go and throw the Sim in the drain. Flush him out of our life”, said an excited, crazy Pratishtha. 

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” You said ‘our life’…”, smiled Kushagra……..(To be Continued)…

Written by:

Vivek Vatsal

Utkarshini Khanna

Conceptualised by:

Vivek Vatsal

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