Real Feelings – Part 4

I bet most of you must have had one or more of these feelings!! But don’t worry we will face it together on this Journey of WordPress!!☺👍 Brilliantly executed

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​Dear diary,

You know I am so stuck in my life right now that I don’t know what’s happening. Like some people have decided something to do and have made in their mind that either this happens or that happens.

Hell, I don’t know anything. I don’t even have an idea. My life seems directionless. I have lost all hopes and just flowing along the way life takes me. Life ahead seems like a dark road to me.

My mind is filled up with so many questions.

Will I get placed in college placement drive?

What if I don’t get placed through college placement drive?

What other options I have with me then?

Even if I get placed, would I be able to make her parents believe to wait for few years?

What if they don’t want to wait?

Hell, what if don’t even agree for us?

Can I write…

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