TravelPie: A travelogue series with IncrediblePie

Pack your bags,Get in your travel shoes, and Board on a journey of your lifetime!!!

So, as I had promised that IncrediblePie would be hosting a travelogue( Refer to my post : Share Your City) series wherein all of my fellow bloggers shall have the opportunity to share about their hometowns, or their current place of residence, or any cities,places, tourist spots that you may have visted in a while and has caught you attention, enough to carve a memory into the minds and has captured your vulnerable hearts.
By means of this series:

  • We will get to know about each other to a greater extent and take this wonderful voyage beyond physical boundaries.
  • We will get to know about new cities, new places to add it to our to-do lists and make our tours even more exciting.
  • We will understand the cultures, traditions, beliefs and connect in a better way.
  • People would also get an access to a mutually created ‘Community Pool’ wherein, they can discuss their ideas and express their beliefs in a better and in a more open manner.
  • In a way, we all are too busy to give our precious times to travel, because it’s our peak time and also as you may feel like, that this particular age also keeps us giving goosebumps, everytime we see the ‘Wanderlust’ depicting pictures of our colleagues and friends. Why not experience it in words before we actually pay a visit to the same?
  • It will be much more than what Travel Magazines or Websites may tell you. As the fellow travellers will be sharing their personal experiences, which is far far greater than reviews or recommendations.Right?
  • We will make it an awesome journey together, we will learn, we will play, we will dip into emotions, and experience it all, right infront of your eyes, through the eyes of millions.

Just drop your email IDsor  Instagram Account Links

in the comment section and I will communicate with you!!

So, if you wish to join, kindly add me on Instagram(

We can communicate and exchange our literary pieces over mails.

Here goes my mail id:

You can also message me on my fb page or pay a visit to my Instagram or on Twitter.

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