I don’t know what they call it, But my Heart says it’s Forever!


The day I saw you,
I instantly fell in love,
However, someone made me realise, Oh! It was not love, The mortal people called it ‘Crush’.

Although it came all over my mind, and I began thinking about you, Not just day and night, on the streets, in the market, among friends, among colleagues; I randomly jerked off the feeling,”Oh! Just a crush!”

However hard I tried to convince, my heart literally said something else.
It pounded Hard, pumping more blood, as your thoughts occupied my mind.

I could not say what I felt like,
For it had never happened before,
For the feelings were not usual,
For it was something beyond what people called ‘crush’;
Probably It was love? I really dont know.

For I smiled, everytime you laughed at my jokes,

For I wept, when you got emotional,

For I strengthened myself, when you needed someone to rest upon,

For I believed that, yes! There was something between us, There is something between us, and it shall be forever!


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