Motivational Punch👊

People will judge you like anything,even if you are worthy of it or not,

It upto you, how quickly you can smash down their ‘Demoralising’ judgements, 

one being pretty quick(through words) and other one may take time but is one stop solution to all their judgements(through actions).

Whatever it may be, you have to Prove their judgements wrong!


3 thoughts on “Motivational Punch👊

  1. I Hate it when People judge others wrongly and think that they are Saints themselves. I tell those people – “By Counting Others Sin’s, Does not make you a Saint”.
    Our Company is today in a messy situation with so much of heartburn, just because our MD listens to people who misguide him and tell him lies, while hiding behind his back and firing bullets at the innocent people.
    Once I started Self Motivating myself, I learnt a lot from Quotes from Good People.

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