You didn’t know how to walk when you were a child, So? 

You gradually learned.

You didn’t know how to pronounce a word, So?

Now you know many of them.

You didn’t know how to solve arithmetic questions, so?

Now you offer the same questions to your students.

You didn’t know how to speak in public,so?

Now you can not only speak with command but you can convince people too.

You questioned to your teachers, or probably to yourself, so?

Now you impose question on others.

Your classmates bullied you, so?

Now no one can even dare to!

You were so caught into the phase between Adolescence and Adulthood, so?

Now you handle global relationships.

You didn’t know how to tell your heart to your crush,so?

Now people know him/her as your better half.

You thought if success is meant for you, so?

Now people ask you for your success mantra.

You still ponder have I achieved something in my life, so?

Now you have an answer to this!

Don’t forget to value yourself everyday.You are an amazing human being. Respect yourself. Keep yourself happy, before you can make others to do so!


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