Happy Diwali to all the members of the IncrediblePie and WordPress family!!☺

So, the most awaited festival, Diwali , the festival of Lights has arrived. The Diyas emanating the rays of Happiness, love and Peace, the series of Colourful lights jewel the buildings, the decorations, the Rangoli and the worship of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi, sweets, specially prepared dishes, yes it includes all of them.

Diwali is celebrated to mark the victory of Lord Ram over Ravan. It establishes the victory of Good over the evil, Positivity over negativity and Light over the Darkness. This day people pray to God to establish the ideals of Peace, Love, Brotherhood, Joy and Equality all over the world. They also worship Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh and thank for all the Almighty had bestowed upon and to be with us and always show us the correct path so that we can reach the acme of Success.

Many people all over the world celebrate this festival and share their Love for each other. Many people also burn fire crackers but over the time it has been proved to effect the environment in a negative way thus polluting the environment and hence the use of fire crackers must be limited.

This year celebrate your Diwali, safe and secure and in an eco-friendly manner. Enjoy the little moments of Happiness with family.

Lots of Love and Best Wishes from the IncrediblePie!

Thanks a lot for being a part of The IncrediblePie Family.


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