And if you really want to be an awesome traveller,

SEE and EXPERIENCE rather than merely glancing and taking snaps!!

Cherish the moment, and you shall cherish it forever!!


10 thoughts on “#Nutshell

  1. Wow Vivek. Such perfect words. People really do nothing but taking pics of the place of themselves.
    This pic you posted, is a “Perfect” message for people to “ENJOY THE MOMENT”. See those two actors, how well they gave the expressions !! My Sweetie Pie Ranbir !!

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    • Indeed! Afterall people pay way too much and reach a place and all they do is take snaps! Yeah! Even I am the same at times, but I am transforming myself to experience things better and feel the moment!!(yeah!! A traveller is in making…😉☺👍).

      YJHD, the whole movie is simply different, and more importantly you can relate the things to your life easily!!

      Thanks Cattie for sharing your heart out!!☺👍


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