The Scholarship:Episode 4

 “Here you are”, doctor Shukla said handing over the medicines and the prescription to Surendra Sir. “I have mentioned the dosage clearly, immediate medication is important as the open wounds have absorbed infection, But there’s nothing to worry about.I have given the antibiotics and he shall be okay within three days”

“Thank you so much Doctor Saab!”, said Surendra Sir thanking him for his quick response.

Dr. Shukla was a young man who had recently joined the Govt. Hospital, as the Incharge. He had qualified the Combined Medical Services Examination conducted by the UPSC and was one of the key pillars to support the fuctionality of the hospital.

The Govt. Hospital, before he joined, was in a treacherous condition. There were no equipments, proper hygiene was not maintained in the hospital and the patients were rarely attended on time. The emergency ward seemed to be just like a general ward.Any cases that were a little complicated was immediately referred to Jaipur. Basically, the people were really irresponsible and hardly hard any sense of service towards the ailing people.

Only after, Dr. Shukla joined, he attended immediately to the needs of the hospital. He played a similar role as Surendra Sir played in the school. He travelled a million times from the city to the Village to procure Proper Equipments, Medicines , Emergency Machines, an ambulance and recruited many of the able assistants, ward boys and Nurses and kicked off all the inefficient assholes who didn’t even care about a person dying on the stretcher!

He organised the entire Village by conducting various Awareness programmes on deadly diseases like AIDS, Cancer, Tuberculosis and Hepatitis. He was also instrumental in setting up of ‘corner dispensaries’, at nearly all important spots in the village. The ambulance facility was made free within the radius of the village.

” Thank you Doctor Uncle”, said Kishu☺ as he jumped off the chair.” I will surely consume all the medicines on time, and be healthy soon☺💪”

As they came outside Dr. Shukla’s room, Chachaji was waiting for Kishu outside on a wooden bench. He stood up instantly,” What did the Doctor say?”

“Don’t panic uncle”, said Surendra Sir,” He just said some infection has crept into Kishu’s wounds as they remain exposed for long time, but he has given the medicines, he will be okay in few days. Don’t worry.”

“But Sir, I have to appear for the Olympiad”,said Kishu with a determined face. 

Surendra Sir smiled and gently stroked Kishu’s hair and patted his back.”Don’t worry, I shall sponsor your Olympiad. Afterall you are one of the Mathematical Genious of our School, right”

” Of course, I am”, Kishu said as gave a high five to Surendra Sir.

(To be continued……)

Hello guys! Thanks for reading the fourth episode of ‘The Scholarship’ series.

An inspirational journey of small village boy, who dreams to become an able administrator and be what they call it as ‘BIG’!

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