Scream of an unborn

Even an unborn deserves Love, why just keep it limited……Make Love, Give love but inhumane acts may not always justify your actions… It’s better to PROTECT yourself, if you aren’t ready for the responsibilities…. Very Bold Postđź‘Ť Must Read…and Share as well

Words and Notion

I always imagined your shining eyes welcoming me to my new home. I thought there was deep love in your heart. I was eagerly waiting for that day to happen.

But all of a sudden, it occurred..

I saw something coming towards me. I haven’t seen such a thing ever in my life. I smiled at it. But it didn’t smile back. Instead it hugged me, hugged me so tightly that I couldn’t breathe at all. I couldn’t understand what was happening to me. The sharp objects crushed me completely.

Still I donno why did you deny my arrival in to your world? And finally why did you cut me into pieces? Can you ever guess the pain I felt? Physically as well as mentally you hurt me so badly.

Your right to make decisions deprived me of my right to life. You misunderstood that I feel nothing and understand…

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