The Scholarship:Episode 5

​”Why do you always have to brave those rowdy boys”, said anirudh, as they went all the way from hospital to a small lake at the backside of Chachaji’s restaurant,’Padharo Mharo Des’

They sat on the wooden plank placed at the edge of the lake, supported on two tree trunks. They always used to come to this place since their friendship had started.Infact, it was Anirudh who discovered the place. 

They chatted, played and learned their lessons. 

Anirudh was much fond of History and Geography in addition to being a prolific writer. He had written a number of poems that over the time had been appearing in local newspapers across Rajasthan. He dreamt of being a writer and a Teacher one day and teach the children so that they can learn and accomplish their dreams, However, at present he had to accomplish his own, which in a way was a necessity to turn the dreams of others into reality.

“See, I didn’t do it purposely, I just went to ask them to take part in the Mathematics Olympiad as Surendra Sir had told if there would be more participants, the government could sponsor us.”, said Kishu throwing a pebble into the lake, thus generating ripples into the quiet lake. 

“But you shouldn’t have asked them. You know they are just interested in Fooling around. They have no purpose in their lives. But you have!”, said Anirudh.

“Got you bhaii..I won’t do that again”, said Kishu joining his hands and holding his ears .
“But you know what I seriously enjoyed when I slammed them on their faces and one of them on his butt, Hahahahaha😂😂😂”, said Kishu throwing three more pebbles into the lake, this time creating lot more ripples.

“Oh!! C’mon. You hit them. I just can’t believe😯”, said Anirudh appearing to get concerned over Kishu’s aggressive behaviour.

“So what should I have done, just remained there and let them break another three of my bones😬”, said Kishu clinching his fist.

“Relax! Buddy. I am just saying you have a different purpose in your life and I don’t want you to get affected by random people so quickly. Try to ignore and avoid. I am just concerned.”, said Anirudh.

“Leave it! Are you coming with me for the Mathematics Olympiad?”, enquired Kishu.

“I can’t say it as of now. Because I have my Sister’s wedding scheduled the next week and almost every thing has to be managed. Bhaiya(Elder Brother) has already left for Jaisalmer to procure the Caterers and the Band. I have to manage all the relatives as well as look into the preparation part. I hope you understand.”,replied Anirudh.

“……Kishu….Anirudh where are you kids”, chachaji came looking for them.

“Okay! But just one day and the next week I promise, I will finish off my restaurant work early morning and join to help you out for the wedding”, said Kishu standing up with his one hand on Anirudh’s shoulder and another on the tree trunk.

” Okay! Let me see. I will try my best”,said Anirudh.

“That’s my friend, give me five✋”, said Kishu limping towards Chachaji.

(To be continued……..)

Hello guys! Thanks for reading the fifth episode of ‘The Scholarship’ series.

An inspirational journey of small village boy, who dreams to become an able administrator and be what they call it as ‘BIG’!

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