Be a candle and let it shine the world at Night,

Be Motivated, and Motivate others….

Your little words of motivation can rekindle hope in many minds…..


8 thoughts on “MidnightMotivation­čĺ¬

  1. You have some lovely words of inspiration that one could live their life by. So much to take from being the light in the dark and being the person others need. I hope you continue to post words of wisdom and inspiration, especially now that the world is more accessible than ever!
    Happy writing!
    -Author S

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  2. Be like a candle!! I took sanskrit as my second language in school. Still remember one of the poem my teacher explained to us. Be like a candle. Burn yourself and spread light to others!! Loved this post Vivek. Thank you.

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    • Okay!! That’s great. Sanskrit is definitely one of primitive languages and Has been an important part of my life as well. I read a similar story in my high school books and it still echoes in my ear, when I get to see it infront of my eyes. Thanks for sharing your feelings!!Ôś║­čĹŹ

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