The Scholarship:Episode 3

“Fuck off!! We don’t want to be a mathematician “, some rowdy guys barked at Kishu as he approached them to enlist their participation for the upcoming Junior Mathematics Olympiad.

“Why do you need to use such a language”, said Kishu in a humble yet powerful tone. 

“We will! don’t try to be our teacher Guruji”, the rowdy guys mocked at Kishu.

“Please, I don’t give a fucking shit about you participating in the Olympiad. I was just asked by Sir to ask from everyone for the participation and……”

Kishu was pushed to the ground. The rowdy boys kicked him in his stomach. As they punched him on his nose, he started bleeding instantly. He tried hard to resist them.

He  punched one of them back. But he was all alone.The boys surrounded him and grabbed him by the collar.They assaulted him for another fifteen minutes, before Anirudh, his friend stepped into the matter along with  Surendra Sir.

“Hey!! Stop it! Are you guys out of your mind!!😬 “, the gang started dissipating quickly as Surendra Sir intervened.

“I will kick you out of the school. You don’t deserve to get educated😬 You morons! Get out of here and go spoil the name of your parents somewhere else”, he quickly made the bleeding Kishu sit on the bike and they left for the nearby dispensary.

(To be continued……)

Hello guys! Thanks for reading the third episode of ‘The Scholarship’ series.

An inspirational journey of small village boy, who dreams to become an able administrator and be what they call it as ‘BIG’!

Please let me know your views and suggestions!

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12 thoughts on “The Scholarship:Episode 3

  1. so i just read the three chapters……intriguing story……there is honesty and innocence…….good character build up……So far i am liking it!! Keep up the good work! 🙂 🙂

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