Happy New Year☺

“Why do people celebrate the new year?”, a guy in random Tees and Trousers asked IncrediblePie as he glanced the people making merry from the door of the train. They were playing music and danced to the beats.

“Beacause, the tradition gives them another reason to pause their life for a moment and live the present moment like the best moment of his/her life. Probably, they get a few reasons to smile and shed away all the frustration, all griefs, all workloads and smile and dance to the beats of life. Yes! Life will dance with them, but they need to dance along as well. The combo makes up the World”, replied IncrediblePie

Happy New Year to all the members of IncrediblePie Family. Thank you for all your support. Keep smiling, Keep writing, Keep Dreaming and Keep Achieving☺👍


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