Few moments for Mother Nature!

Over the past few decades, owing predominantly to human interference in the Natural processes, the Environment has been badly inflicted with the wounds of Increased GreenHouse Gas emissions, Oxides of Sulphur, Plastic waste and a huge amount of Toxic and Carcinogenic Bio Hazardous wastes.

Yes, this interference is not a new topic in the Global Debate arena; But the fact is that this is still a Breaking news! And everyday when thousands of individuals are getting affected by the same, we rarely care about it and just look at the Television sets or in the Streaming videos and give ‘Sorry’ glances!! Would that suffice the need of the hour?

Yes! I agree, there have been thousands of treaties, agreements, pacts and Summits; but it would be extensively ironic if I say that all of them where held in Air-Conditioned Auditoriums(That must have pumped in thousands of litres of Chlorofluorocarbons,thus contributing to Air Pollution) and must have generated huge amount of Plastic waste in form of Pet Bottles, Paper Napkins and many other such uncountable, yet visible items.

Travelling is one of most important ‘Life Goals’, these days. Most of them intended to click pictures of Beautiful Places and then destroying them and flushing garbage in all the serene and spectacular surroundings. Is that the way of living up your Life Goal?

Even a single plastic bottle thrown in such locations, takes thousands of Years to decompose into Non Hazardous Waste.

Google yields infinite info to curb pollution in your small ways, did  you ever care to read them and apply in your lives? If Not, do it today!

Don’t wait for others to make the change, Take a step ahead and lead the revolution! Once you lead, the remaining will automatically follow.☺👍

This time for Mother Nature!

 This time for Mother Earth!


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