Everyday.. But!


 I bear the harsh winds, 

I get smashed by the rains,

I nearly get uprooted, 

But those few strands of my root, doesn’t let it go,

But that one wave of motivation allows me to act brave, to survive, to fight back!

But that one gentle pat on my shoulder, suddenly rejuvenates my soul,

But that one word of care, few words of love, and a sentence of energised spirits, helps me gather enough momentum,

But that one smile on the face of my loved ones, instills a sense of pride for myself-Inspite of all the humiliations by the artificial plastic people out there,

But that one ray from the Morning Sun, rekindles in me the hope,the vigour and the enthusiasm…

Everyday It’s hard to live, but it’s SOMETHING or SOMEONE who keeps me alive, the reason to live everyday, the reason to let me be myself!


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