Soulful Voice of Santvani



21 year ago a small star was come to the land of Gujarat and today this star become biggest musical star of Gujarat. This star is non other than “Santvani Trivedi“. Voice of Gujarat, Proud of Gujarat, Garba-queen of Gujarat.

Hello everyone ! Here is the story ofSantvani TrivedibyVedant Dave(Rhythm Ved). She is a well-known singer of Gujarat. In fact she is proud of Gujarat. First of all I want to thank Santvani Trivedi ma’am for her support to this story. Let’s get started with her introduction first.

Santvani Trivedi

Santvani Trivedi born on 15 july 1995 in Godhra, Panchamahal, Gujarat. By birth she was interested in music. Her parents support her too much for going with music. Even when she is studying she is continue her musical works. She studied Bachelor in Science (B.Sc.) in subject Microbiology. Now let’s talk about her musical…

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