The Book of Life📖#1

Everyday we get convinced that our story has been written , and the very next moment, it feels like…..more words,emotions and expressions are yet to come!!


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7 thoughts on “The Book of Life📖#1

  1. Somehow this post and it’s context reminds me of one of Piyush Mishra’s couplets which goes something like this, probably not accurate but to the effect of – “main hamesha zindagi ke daayere banata raha, lakeeren wahin reh gai main khisak gaya”!
    In case you don’t understand Hindi,. Here’s a weak attempt at translation – I kept trying to define life and it’s ways, the lines remained where they were but I moved on!

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    • Ohh!! Definitely. Piyush Mishra is a masterpiece in himself. Thanks for sharing these beautiful yet so real words!! I am glad you could connect to my words!! Thank you Aishwarya for sharing your views😊😊😊 and yes I do understand hindi. But Still I loved your English version of the statement.👌👌 thanks for stopping by.😊


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