The E-mail Notification(Short Story)

At the end of the Day, Ravi, tired of the office schedule,seated himself on the driving seat,and was clamping up the seat belt,when the email Notification Tone,paused him. He swiped off the Notification bar, “THIS MOTHER’S DAY MAKE YOUR MOTHER FEEL  SPECIAL ONE OF HERSELF”. Ravi was freezed. Lost in thoughts, He is reminded of the Annual Day of his school in Delhi.

The blurred thoughts, cascaded infront of his eyes,like an old movie running in sepia colour mode.

A Lady dressed in A Red Saree with floral patterns on the borders, with her one hand, asking way to cross the road, and the other hand held the small delicate fingers of an 8 year old kid, who even did not know that one day he will be doing the same to his own kids,while at present he was not aware,how to cross a busy road. 
While the traffic flowed through the main road,just like a caterpillar flows through a small leaf, we don’t that’s fast, but actually it is; his Mother held him close to herself. The kid hugged his Mother’s legs, somewhat horrified by the fast moving traffic.

After the next 10 minutes,the kid and his Mother reached the School.
His Mother kept motivating the kid and was trying her best to make the kid remember the dance sequences and the small speech that he had to present before the entire school.

The Programme started. It included a Prayer song, followed by a Cultural Dance, Principal’s Message on the Annual Day, and the performance of the kid.

It was the kid’s turn.
With shaking legs and heart beating enormously fast, he set himself on the centre stage.
He had a Mic infront of his lips. He had a view of the entire school, it was huge, it was enormous, stage fright gripped him like anything, his lips froze, his hands shiverred, his sighs were audible because of the mic, he breathed heavily, his ears were plugged.

He was blank. Completely Blank!

He did not know what he should say. For the intial 30 seconds, he was paused.He closed his eyes.

” C’Mon Son, You Can Do it! “, a faint but powerful voice pricked his ears. Suddenly, his eyelids were set open. It was his Mother.
A sudden impulse of Confidence, Strength, and Power ran through his blood vessels and the brain.
His hands Stopped shivering. He now held them in attention mode. His gripped legs, instantly gained strength to hold the stage firmly. His frozen lips were not frozen any more.

” Good Morning, Everyone. Respected Principal Madam,teachers,Parents and all my dear friends….”
He continued…and never stopped or paused, until his performance was complete.

An applaud was garnered upon him.

After the performance, he asked his Mother, what magic did she do.
His mother said, ” Its not any magic, Its called MotherHood! “

‘Pooo…’ sudden honking, brought back Ravi into present day.

He called up his travelDesk in his office.
” Hey, can you get me tickets to India, ya.., please do so, at the earliest. Yeah, keep the documents ready and hand ot over to Mark, I shall collect the same,at the airport itself.”

Ravi reached the airport collected his documents,Passport and boarded the plane.

The next morning:

” Knock, Knock “
” Who is banging the door so early in the morning ?”, the lady said.

She opened the door with a screerch with her plated and wrinkled hands.

He was Ravi! The lady was her Mother.

” Happy Mother’s Day Maa”, Ravi and his wife said in unison handing over his kid into his Mother’s lap.

Her face was brightened. Radiance suddenly, wrapped up in his eyes.
Her eyes glowed up.

Her joys knew no bounds.

She was Undoubtedly, the Happiest Person in the world!

Dont just wish your Mother on Mothers’ Day,rather
Find some time, Hug your Mother tight and express how much you Love her!
It may not necessarily be the Mother’s Day but any Random Day.
I tell you she will be the Happiest Person in the World!


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