Midnight Motivation

Before you give up, Before you feel like you can’t make it happen, Before you feel like quitting the mortal world, Before you feel that all your hope are plundered and there’s nothing meaningful in life,

Just remember, Just close your eyes before your irrational mind suggests you to sleep forever, see

  •  a Mother in labor pain
  •  a sister with hope in her eyes,
  •  a wife with the belief in her heart
  • a daughter with an idol in her eyes

Do they give up? 

Do they pause their beliefs,?

Do they shatter their hopes?

 Do they stop idealising?

Yes, try to learn, try to be motivated, try to stand for yourself, try to stand by the people who really have you as an integral part of their lives….

Try…Try…Try…and Never Ever Give up!!!

Respect the Women and try to learn from them…as long as you live!! 

Be their belief and they shall be your strength, forever!

Stand by them and they shall stand by you, forever!

You may not need to salute them, just admire their efforts, their ideologies, their achievements and care for them….

Happy Women’s Day


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And one last thing, if you like my post, do share it, not just on social media, rather I would say, A Word of Mouth is the best way to share our feelings, do it because in the present scenario the world needs to talk…literally!!

Speak it out loud to thr person adjacent to you, LET THE WORLD BE CONNECTED BY FEELINGS AND EXPRESSIONS rather than just text and images!!

Thanks for Reading!!


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