Almighty chose his most courageous and wonderful creation to create and Nurture the world, and called her ‘Mother’.

Value and respect her deeds and sacrifices she makes for you everyday.
One day in the calender is not sufficient to show your affection. Wonder why there’s no ‘Son day’ or ‘Daughters Day’ ?

Make her feel like, every other day is ‘Mothers’ day’.

You may be very occupied, but just send a smiley or make a call and that will be enough for her! For She is your MOTHER



Mission Accomplished!

“Dreams are seen by many, thought of by some, worked  of for, by few and achieved by even few people” .


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Kudos!You are one among them, who have dared to dream big and have achieved a significant milestone on the way to your dreams.

Congratulations are in order for everyone of you who have either graduated or are going to graduate this Summer. This marks the successful efforts of every drop of sweat that were put in to achieve something that you dreamt of. Assignments, Journals, Presentations, Semester exams all have finally converged to bestow upon you the fruits of your labour.

Blessings, Prayers , and Good Wishes by your parents and loved ones have played their part efficiently in the germination of your dream. Cumulative of all the hard work put in, curtailing all your pleasures , sacrifices of your family distant from you, and whatever you may think of has directly or indirectly been instrumental in achieving this feat.

Coming from diverse group of culture, traditions, ethnicity; you adapted in all ups and downs during the study, amalgamated thoughts, experiences and ideas to develop the requisite bond to unravel the intricacies of knowledge and resources. The various potentials you unleashed out of yourself, will add to your encyclopedia of Talents and will be instrumental to make you reach closer to your dreams.

Your Alma mater has nurtured you into prominent and accomplished leaders of the world, now its your turn to shape the world in its better form.

Corridors, auditorium, open air theatre, walkways,Cafetaria and your personal favourite spots, yeah! You’re going to miss them all.Friends, and colleagues who supported and motivated your soul during this learning journey, will always be close to your hear.Encouragements and high fives, gigglings and Educational tours, thought processes and Inception of new ideas, shall always remain an integral part of your life. Different corners of world await you, let your knowledge brighten the world some more.

Discover the most out of yourself, utilise your talents, impliment your ideas, unleash new platforms to project your knowledge and gross new heights of success, achieve the acme of achievements and aspirations and obviously make the world a better place to live in.

All the Best! May Almighty Help each one of us to make the world even more beautiful in our little ways.


Following dreams??


Its really easy to say, “Follow your dreams” , but to actually transform the saying into reality is definitely not a cakewalk!
One has to struggle hard to traverse across the sea of odds, waves of pessimism, and all sorts of danger that may even subject the person’s life at stake.

Think about a random kid, who has no issues with his world, he is carefree, surrounded by his utmost desires, he roams about freely in the ground, he jumps , he sings, he dances, he does all sorts of crazy things, he is nowhere involved in the dillemma of life. He has his world of awesome friends,toys, chocolates and books. He has no compulsions, he has a free life.

The kid transforms into a teenager, he now understands the world better, he has feelings about the good and the bad, he dreams like anything, and the hilarious part is , all his dreams are already true when he looks at them,basically, there’s no ‘How? ‘ in his new world of dreams and desires.

He grows up some more, he gets graduated, he has his dreams in his mind, but its not the time that he could think about it properly, give full time emphasis on it, but he focuses more on earning bread for his family. You must be of the opinion, what if the dream of the person is exactly that will earn him bread too! OHH MANN!
I must tell you, its a myth for most of the dreamers, except for a few who dare and take weigh too much of risks to make it possible.

Once he earns, his life passes by, gradually stacking a pile of dust over his dream book.

What next, he becomes too involved in his new world once again, that he has no time to reconstruct his dreamy mind.

At certain age, when he finishes off his priorities and realizes, Have I lived up to my dreams! What was it , I wanted to do, but I could not!

Its a dramatic condition that arises out then, leaving the person spellbound by his imaginations. That day, may be a new begining for him, or it may be the last day of his dreams. He cannot make a choice then, but that he will himself be carried to a certain path, is definitely the thing that would happen to him.

So, shall i spoon feed you another quote about Life, success, dreams and bla bla blaa…Relax! I wont be doing that for I am no such established specialist in it! LOL!

I would rather say,rewind your life and zoom!
Can you see someone very familiar? They seem to be the ones who created you. They loved you, before anyone else did.

You can leave out the post once you feel like its weigh too much beyond idealism and loving your parents.

Thanks, all those continued with the post….
I will make you see something. Just close your eyes. Visualize the dreams of your parents, if not, just think about, what were the things they dreamt about but could not realize them. Just try to fulfill those. Your dreams will definitely find a way out of your parents’ dreams.

Someday, you will see them smile and that moment will be the best dream that you would have transformed into reality!

Keep Smiling, Keep Dreaming


“The” Mother Speaks!

happy family 133952397

” I had you 9 months inside my womb,nurturing you from a cell to an embryo, from embryo to a foetus,from a foetus to a baby.Every moment when I felt your little kick, It meant the world to me. A new creation was within me, A new world was within me, it made me forget all the pains,comforting myself with Childish Eagerness and Imaginations, I laid my troubles aside. and After these long 9 months, when you came into our lives,the feeling could not be explained in words. A new Life came into our lives. They say that “A woman is re-incarnated when she gives birth to her child.”

I could experience the same.
A woman turned into a mother.
I held your hand, and gradually you started walking laying your small steps on the floor,with care and precision,
You went to school.
You went to College.
You made us Happy and Contented,moreover Increased our Joy exponentially when you topped the School and College.
You got a Job,and made our efforts successful and turned our dreams into reality.
You got married, and made our Lives Successful.
You handled all your responsibilities, with enough maturity and Patience as desired,as its obvious new Responsibilities come up with new strength. They say, ” With Great Power, comes Greater Responsibility “

Meanwhile,I was the same.A daily routine awaited me every morning.
Tea. Breakfast.Lunch.Evening Snacks.Dinner. and the day is done.
Amidst these, I helped you with your lessons. I boosted up you morale whenever you felt low. I was there for you when you had to face the ‘ No So Good ‘ people of the world. I made you a warrior to fight with the world,not with swords or axes, but with Pen and Paper.
I made you learn how to manage your time,not just during exams but for the entire lifetime.
I made you your mouthwatering delicacies, even if I was on fast.
I made you sleep, In the cool air of the handfan; even if I perspired, during Summer days,when there were power cuts.
I washed your clothes, I kept you books and shelves neat and tidy. I did whatever, my mother did for me. I taught , whatever my Parents taught me, and some of my experiences learnt over lifetime. “

“Today, We are Old.
We are weak. We need Strength. We need you to boost up our morale. We need you to stand by us. We need you to listen to our words. We need you to call us up everyday and Ask about our well being. We need you to talk to us. We need you to assure us of Care and Love.
We need you to listen to our sweet scoldings.
We need you to Be What we had once been.
We need you to bear with our mistakes, our over possessive behaviour, our over protective attitude, our extra caring habit!
We are sorry if that causes any trouble to you, but We are your ‘Parents’.
We still want to know what did you have for your Breakfast,Lunch and Dinner.
We still want to know what clothes are you dressed in , so that We may assure ourselves, ” Hmara Bachcha to smart lag rha hogaa!”.
We still want to know your activities throughout the day.
We still want to know your moments of sorrow and Joy, so that we can help and support you and Rejoice and Enjoy,
We still want to know your moments of Success and Achievements.
May Be , I seem to be crazy. But I am your Mother. and You know
“Maa is Maa afterall.”

Our Heart says that you shall always be there for us.
Love You Kids! We are proud of you, You are our dreams turned into reality.”


Because they Need You !

Indian-parents-reading-w-child-300x199 seniors

They NEED YOU indeed

Their wrinkled faces with marks and bruises,with each line depicting its own story

Their Helpless eyes sunk deep enough within their flattened cheeks,still set in the search of Something or Someone,with
the eyelids closing periodically

Their not so healthy bodies lurching in the wheel chairs

Their weak and thin Hands with each vein transparently visible

Their grey white coloured hair, irregularly oriented over their ears and forehead,some coming even to their noses and cheeks

Their framed spectacle,appealing as if it is the only asset they possess

Their dry lips,as if they have not experienced the water droplets for years,half folded inside the only few teeths in their mouth.

Their eyebrows contract upwards with every moment they try to look at you

Just give them a smiling glance and they forget themselves, Their Eyes brighten up,Their cheeks start blushing with Joy, The only teeth in their Mouth is clearly visible as they smile with their lips apart, They Live the moment with all Happiness,Enthusiasm and Joy,Their world is rejuvenated with the flowers of Happiness.

Let them smile,Let them live their Lives some more!!
And Tell Yourselves that THEY NEED YOU INDEED!!!