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The dew of hope on the leaves of life!

By the spark of humanity,

Many candles of hope are kindled every moment,

Bringing under shade their trees of life,

Conceiving new enthusiasm in their souls,

Illuminating every corner in their minds,

Projecting every bit of their thoughts into new oceans of Opportunity,

Singing the melody of love and exploring new ideas,

In this limitless expanse of the cosmos,

Are Radiating the rays of hope!


Sneak Peek: The Morning 

With the Enchanting rays filtering through the green leaves,

The Dawn wakes up and the night sleeps,

The birds start chatting amongst themselves,

Setting a new destination, With ignited minds and Kindled hopes,

Twitters and random rantings,

New Meanings and New aspirations,

New expectations and New Journeys,

Setting up to earmark the day with loads of  Wishes and fulfilling them with vibrant efforts,

Its yet another morning to leave behind despairs and to proceed with illuminated spirits and Motivation!!

Good Morning☺👍


Is there a Leonardo Dicaprio within each one of us?

From Titanic to The Revenant, it would absolutely not have been cakewalk for the actor we all know today.

That people love you is a support, but my friend the world has set really high status for being recognized as Successful.

Leonardo has been phenomenal in most of his films. His acts have left us awestruck lot of times, whether its a romantic and Chocolate boy character in Titanic, or an absolutely brilliant and Profound masterpiece in The Shutter Island.

However, despite his marvellous performances in varied genres, it took him long but really fruitful years to get to the Oscars.But obviously, when you give your best, you get the best. The Revenant really deserved him an Oscar and hopefully he achieved the same.

He has also been an avid Environmentalist supporting the cause of Awareness on Climatic changes over the years.

So, coming to the question,

Is there a Leonardo DiCaprio within each one of us?

Probably, yes!

It’s because we too have been working all the years and may be, we are yet to get an Oscar-Equivalent recognition in our lives.

It may be that just like Leonardo had enough of support from his fans all the years, there are some fantastic people around to support us at every step that we take.

Why not we can try like Leonardo did?Inspite of being denied at the Oscars for so many years, He worked equally hard for each of his movies, which eventually turned out to be Blockbusters.

It takes huge pain to accept the levels of success that you expected but you could not get. But its definitely not the sign to stand aside and wait for others to console you, but eventually you should make these  ‘others ‘ believe that yes! He is not done yet!! 

The movie is yet to conclude!!

And when it gets concluded make sure you have your ‘Oscar’ in hand like Leonardo has!!



When your mind is independent, You are strengthened to make your own choices,


It does not necessarily mean you don’t need the advice,experience and blessings of Elders to reinforce your choices!!

Basically you don’t want to have a dispute over the choices and hence you don’t care to share it with your elders(obviously, your parents!) who have taken enough decisions to make you wise enough to take your own decisions.

Think about it!! Talk about it! And Don’t be judgemental.


Little yet Mature!

Jogging in the park, A young dynamic and near about ‘hunk’ guy who was profusely sweating, just exited the park, drank a bottle of an energy drink, and threw the bottle on the street.

It’s an irony that even if he had an entire bottle of energiser but could hardly walk few steps further to dispose of the bottle in the dustbin.

Adding More to my surprise, a small school going girl about to board a bus, asked her bus conductor to wait a while and came to the bottle thrown by the hunk with her little steps, picked up and disposed off securely into the dustbin. The hunk was astound by this little yet pretty mature act of the girl.

The girl said nothing and boarded the bus!


Up above the world so high!

Around and around, up above the world

Do the tiny stars decoarate the ceiling of Heavens

Twinkle Twinkle do they blink their eyes,

Shimmering the golden lining of the macrocosm of heavenly bodies,

Whispering the eternal secrets, opening up new faces of the universe,

Showering their blessings upon a small boy who tries to count them all,

Playing hide and seek with the clouds, and astonishing the moon,

A streak of comet jumps across the night sky in a parabolic path,

And a girl down there asks for her wishes with folded hands and closed eyes, innocent mind and pure heart.

The stars see both the boy and the girl,

And both of them see each other through the stars!


Welcome to the future@Singapore

Cars were once a dream.

They were turned into reality by some genius Scientists.

Now, what’s the next?

Automated Self Driven Cars and more specifically for Taxis!!!
Definitely, it may be another step into the Future.

And the people of Singapore would be the first one to experience it!!


What can you do to convert your ‘Pseudo Admirers’ into your ‘Fans’!(on wordpress obviously, in real life don’t even try!)

CAUTION: DON’T READ THIS POST IF YOU CANNOT AFFORD 60 Seconds From your busy lives! I will be more than happy if you do so later but read it till the end! 

So, welcome on board!! Obviously you’re not the only blogger facing this. There are many! and they include a lot of well established bloggers too.

I know it sucks when you compose a beautiful post yet no one likes it because they ‘actually’ like it. Many people  set  themselves into ‘click like robots’ and go on scrolling the page and the ‘like star’ glows up automatically!

So without wasting much of your precious time( which you shall devote to your future articles), I list the following tools which strike really hard:

  • Tell them what exactly do you want.( For eg. Write such a post(as this one) to make them understand, that no matter how crisp post you compose but It definitely takes hell lot of Energy and Organisation of Thoughts that you require to put in!) 
  • Make them feel guilty about their deeds using a simple principle ‘TREAT OTHERS AS YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED!’.( Practically by reading all their posts and supplementing them with likes and catchy comments!)
  • Be with them: Make them understand that in the sea of unknowns and infinite emotions, its their followers who will stand by them( No matter how ‘down to Earth’ your posts are! ) and to be aware of such ‘PSEUDO FOLLOWERS’.
  • By making them understand the principle of Karma.( You just need to mention this and you’re done! You need not say anything more, they are clever enough to understand Karma!)
  • By bestowing enough love on them on every post!( Everyone likes to be praised right? and you actually love the one who Loves you too!)
  • By making them understand that we all are on this platform for specific reasons(Exclusive for each one of us). Be it expressing our heart out, Getting associated with new people and their thoughts, Learn from the experiences of the people across the globe or randomly a sheer display of emotions and writing skills; the known fact is that we all write on WordPress and share it with the world.
  • By criticizing them positively so that they could benefit directly or indirectly from your efforts.   
  • By giving proper respect to each others’ efforts.(I know if you may not have time to read long posts, but you must consider them for reading later and only then should you express your views on the same!)

I guess that’s enough for today! Try It! and Please do spread the word! If any blogger benefits out of it, It shall be a great moment of success for the entire wordpress community.

Thanks for giving your precious time!