Twinkle Twinkle ‘Pole Star’..( A Short Story)

Few days ago ,while sailing through the channel list of the television, I suddenly paused on one of the channels. On this channel, a series was dedicated to Mythology, and the episode showcased one of the touching stories of ‘Dhruv Taara( The Pole Star)’.

In the Hindu mythology , Lord Vishnu is said to have blessed a child whose name is Dhruv, who went on to become the ultimate ‘Pole Star’ as we know today.


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The story goes somewhat like this.

Dhruv was the elder son of one of the kings, who also had a second wife and the younger of his kids was from the second wife.
The Maharaja(King) showed some more affection towards the younger son, while his second wife always wished that her son should become the successor of his father, instead of the elder son Dhruv.( In ancient days, the eldest of the sons used to inherit the kingdom from his father.)

Dhruv, pining for his father’s love, used to steal glimpses of his father, who was busy bestowing his love and playing with the younger son.The king used to make him sit on his lap, tell stories and fairy tales.

In a nutshell, Dhruv experienced the love of his father,being bestowed on his younger brother, from a distance, until, one rare night when the Maharaja was playing 
with both of his sons, his second wife interreupted. She  frowned and jolted back upon Dhruv to leave immediately. Elder, but still a kid, Dhruv went on to his Mother ,sobbing, with his eyes saturated with tears and posted his queries, ” Why I am not allowed to play with my father? Does he  love us any more? I want to play along with him, I want to enjoy the warmth of Father-Son relationship from which I have been deprived of ,for so long; I want to sit on my Father’ s lap and listen to the stories…..”.
His mother replied,  ” Love and hatred are two facets of the life.whenever you feel like, that someone else is occupying your position you’ve to toil hard and with your sincere efforts and hard work, you have to attain the higher position. You are the elder son, you will have to prove yourself and make everyone realise your worth.”

That day, Dhruv sat down in meditation,prayed and prayed and till his sincere efforts bore him the fruit. Lord Vishu was extremely fascinated and impresses by Dhruv’s dedication and spirits. He asked him to make a wish. Dhruv asked ” My mother said, we have to toil hard to achieve a higher position. Can you please grant me a higher position so that my father may show little affection towards us? “

Lord Vishnu came to know all about Dhruv.

He made Dhruv sit on his lap and carried him to the acme, the highest position, a permanent position where every one can see him, where everyone can respect and love him, and from where he could prove his worth!

He was also blessed that he would be the one to guide all the people towards the correct path of life over the years to come.

Even today , and many more years to come, The pole star will be the divine symbol of permanence, illuminating our paths towards success and achievements.

Science and mythology are in fact, two facets of the same coin.

In science you believe, what you see;
In mythology you see , what you believe.

If its night out there, then do make a note of the pole star, maybe you can find out some more secrets lying in the divine brightness.


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The Book of Life📖#1

Everyday we get convinced that our story has been written , and the very next moment, it feels like…..more words,emotions and expressions are yet to come!!


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The Midnight Letterbox📬

Letter No.2

The words may not lie,but some expressions do. 

The moment people believe these camouflaged faces, they are betrayed, never to recover!!


The Canopy of Stars💖

And the little boy lay down on the cold grass of the Garden, 
Under the canopy of stars, sandwiched between the blanket of chilled winds and fog,

The people came and went by, but his dreams continued… Someday, he would be a little closer to the skies, 

Someday he would carry our a conversation with his favourite stars up above the world…

Someday,he would be what people call as BIG,

but he won’t skip any moment of laying down on the grass,

he won’t skip any moment of fantascising yet another dream,

Under the canopy of stars…..



CreativeCommoners : An Initiative by the Bloggers for the Bloggers!! Come Join Us!!


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So, as you can comprehend from the Title of the Blogpost, Few of our fellow bloggers have joined hands to launch a ‘WordPress Bloggers Family‘ on Instagram(@creativecommoners)

Here we share all our creations, be it poetry,short stories,recipies,Photographs, and Videos and remain connected to each other, communicate mutually and try to learn from the insightful comments and views, to improve upon our respective genres.
It’s been a long time since Bloggers were looking forward to stay connected, apart from Community Pool. Hence, the initiative.

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The Clean Slate📋

Even though her words were porous to absorb the feelings, her innocent mind was a clean slate,

At the topmost cliff, feeling the soothing breeze with her arms spread, she rediscovered herself every moment,

Sliding along the turfed  gentle slope, she narrated innumerable tales to the tiny grass, the smiling flowers and the meditating mountains,

The raindrops travelled along her smooth,cottony cheeks and to buttery chin and then to her soft bossom, she shivered and a gentle, innocent smile spread on her face, 

She clapped, jumped , tumbled and sang lullabies with the fireflies and began her morning chatting her heart out to the blooming buds and the florescent butterflies,

she was crazy, she disseminated smiles, she was bubbly , she was as pure as the morning dew, she was an innocent girl, 

Even though her expressions portrayed so much, her soul was a clean slate!


In Response to the Daily Post:

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The Girl & the Book❤📖

It was written on the page of my heart,decorated and artistically presented,

But She glanced through the cover of the book, 

and Kept it aside, 

The days passed, dirt accumulated on the book, 

it lay there without complaining, without demanding,

and then one fine morning as the rays from the Sun illuminated her book shelf, 

she found the same book, quiet and benevolent,She took a cloth, wiped off the dust and turned the pages once again….The moment was a bliss,The Book was elated and the pages rejuvenated,

The words made her believe, The words transformed her….She fell in love with the Book and the story continued till the time immemorial……


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