World sleeps but the Mind Doesn’t!

In the deep dark nights, millions of thoughts find their way out to escape into the illuminated heaven of thoughts and expressions,

Some wierd, some obvious, all of them accumulate at the periphery of emotions,

Generating new images to engulf the vivid expressions unveiling beautiful pieces of literature,

Into the macrocosm of Eternity,

And the world sleep but the mind doesn’t!


You are with me! You are in me!

In the garden of memories,

Flowers of feeling blossom,

Faces smile and cacade before eyes,

And the lips curve into smiles,

Goosebumps across the body,

Closed eyes feel their presence,

Soft cotton like breeze gently massages the face,

The warmth of the rising Sun comforts the cold skin,

The chirping of birds, as if they are the whispers,

Yes! I can feel your presence,

Yes! You are with me. You are in me.


The Wheels Rattle!

The wheels rattle, the whistle blows,

And again I leave for a journey to my dream,

Calm, soothing and cold, the breeze says it all,

Peeping through the window,

A little light from the Sun illuminates me within,

With the sight of birds flying high, the belief becomes more stern,

The pastures silently whisper their untold stories,

And the ripples of the lake seem to eavesdrop on us,

The heart had a lot to say, but it preferred to be quiet,

The mind had lot to imagine, but the words were short,

The wheels rattle and the whistle blows,

And again I leave for a journey to my dream!


The Blue toy car : bridge all the Gaps!

The festive season had already started. The little boy shomu had collected enough money in his piggy bank to buy a new toy this year. Every year,festivals were the time when shomu and his Parents went to the fair market for new clothes and some toys, which were to be used for the coming year. The winter clothes added to their budget but Shomu’s father Mr. Karmakar,who was a Labourer in the only factory of the village,never hesitated to spend a little more than what the budget permitted,especially when the festivals knocked at the door.

 The family spent a good time together. They had fun, frolic and enough of street food to satisfy their year long appetite for the crunchy ‘GolGappas’, Chaat and Samosas. They rode on the ‘Not so’ Giant wheel that arrived at the village during the season. They enjoyed Shooting balloons at the local stalls, Watched the Movie in the village theatre and  had a good time to replenish and rejuvenate themselves for the coming year.

The family sat at a table neighboring the food stall. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the market and the adjoining streets, a lot of life could be seen.

Suddenly shomu noticed a very beautiful toy car in the adjoining shop. His eyes suddenly showed bright reflections. The eyeballs grew big, his heart started pumping similar to a guy craving for a beautiful girl when he falls in love with her in the first sight.

 His face carved big smiles and an insatiable desire to have the blue toy car in his little hands.

His father sensed all the matter in a mere glimpse. He quietly tiptoed to the other end of the shop and called the owner of the toy shop.👋

“Yes!That one👈, can you please bring that here. I will pay you here itself.Actually I just want to surprise my son who seems to be interested in the toy car. Yes that blue one!”

“Sure! Why not. Let me bring it to you”,the owner said with a smiling face etched to his dusky appearance.

His father purchased the toy car and kept it hidden in a bag.

The little boy glared at the toy for few minutes and then moved his face away as he saw the owner picking up and packing in a decent gift wrap.He thought someone else had already bought it and tried to shed off the thoughts of playing with the same. Infact he had already bought two toys, a cricket bat and a Robot and  asking for a car may not make his Parents happy. So, he shrugged all his thoughts about the toy car.

After an hour,they returned back home.

His father called shomu and said,” Son, please get me the wallet from the bag that we had purchased today.”

Shomu found the bag and started searching for the wallet inside it.Suddenly something hard struck his little hands. He instantly took out the article and to his surprise, he found the same blue car in the bag. And his happiness knew no bounds. 

It happens in movies but he literally jumped up with joy😂😂😂😂😂🙆. He ran to father and hugged him tight. He wrapped himself around his Father’s thigh. It was definitely the warmth of the love, a love that no one can explain in words!! His father kissed him and launched him high up in the air. The atmosphere seemed to engulfed with bliss.

Sometimes, small moments in life can prove to be biggest moments of Bliss! 

It is the feeling, no one can define in words!!

This love is enough to Bridge  the gap that has grown into our relationships over the time.All We need to do is to give it a try!

Please do let me know your views in the comments section!!☺


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Through the eyes!

Unfolding the veil of her beautiful smile,

Emancipating the illuminating rays through her golden hair,

That blush on her cheeks,

She didn’t speak much, but her little deep blue eyes narrated all her emotions,

And I could not resist myself from placing a warm kiss on her forehead and we kept talking for the whole night through the eyes!



​Priorities line up at every step of our life, right from the birth to the heavenly abode they always highlight the purpose of our soul.

When we step into the world our priorities( about which we are unaware, but our parents do take care of it!) include sleeping, drinking milk,crying, throwing hands and legs, again drinking milk and again going to a sound sleep.

As we turn into school going kids our priorities change, rather It would be better to say, it adds up as studies, friends, and more..
Once we get graduated our solo priority becomes getting a job and earning a living ASAP.

Once we establish ourselves well into our career we move forward to give specific name to our relationships and our priorities are reinvented once again.

When we bring our children into this world another cycle of priorities start and the former one continues till we leave for the heavenly abode.
But! Do the priorities end??

No, they go on with our soul and are given a new form.

Gradually we come to know that our priorities were actually our life milestones!!

Time to ponder!!


The dew of hope on the leaves of life!

By the spark of humanity,

Many candles of hope are kindled every moment,

Bringing under shade their trees of life,

Conceiving new enthusiasm in their souls,

Illuminating every corner in their minds,

Projecting every bit of their thoughts into new oceans of Opportunity,

Singing the melody of love and exploring new ideas,

In this limitless expanse of the cosmos,

Are Radiating the rays of hope!


Sneak Peek: The Morning 

With the Enchanting rays filtering through the green leaves,

The Dawn wakes up and the night sleeps,

The birds start chatting amongst themselves,

Setting a new destination, With ignited minds and Kindled hopes,

Twitters and random rantings,

New Meanings and New aspirations,

New expectations and New Journeys,

Setting up to earmark the day with loads of  Wishes and fulfilling them with vibrant efforts,

Its yet another morning to leave behind despairs and to proceed with illuminated spirits and Motivation!!

Good Morning☺👍



When your mind is independent, You are strengthened to make your own choices,


It does not necessarily mean you don’t need the advice,experience and blessings of Elders to reinforce your choices!!

Basically you don’t want to have a dispute over the choices and hence you don’t care to share it with your elders(obviously, your parents!) who have taken enough decisions to make you wise enough to take your own decisions.

Think about it!! Talk about it! And Don’t be judgemental.