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The first flower shown above is that of APARAJITA:THE UNDEFEATED.

The second flower is that of Hibiscus or Udhool and the leaf adjoining it is Belpatra.

All the above are widely used in Hindu festivals when offering prayers. These flowers are also a part of decorations that the Hindu God and Goddesses are offered by the devotees.

Especially, Aparajita and Udhool are widely used during ‘Durga Pooja’ and ‘Deepawali’.


#ProjectGREEN 5

Paper! When I say this you may imagine loads of paper, books, novels, notebooks, Trash Paper, or simply a plain Paper on which you can carve your imaginations by way of your sketches or by decorating your experiences in words.

You will definitely NOT BE ABLE TO IMAGINE THOUSANDS OF TREES BEING SLAIN Mercilessly!! For deriving Paper for you. So, you can have a look

Courtesy: carbonninjas.weebly.com

Now I guess you will think twice before throwing page after page into trash!

Yes, it’s indeed a big issue that is indirectly affecting the environment which in turn is causing detrimental effects on the Natural habitat of the wild animals as well as on the CarbonDioxide Oxygen Balance.

The food chain gets critically disturbed thus leading to an imbalance in the ecosystem.

When virtual and Electronic displays were invented, it strongly posed a challenge to the increasing use of paper and over few decades much success has been witnessed in this regard.Paper consumption was exponentially reduced with digital print media playing a pivotal role,


The current trend in global pattern of paper consumption has been showing an increasing trend! Shockingly, it means the virtual world has actually created more ease to paper printing and in turn there has been a rapid increase in paper consumption.

So, what we can do!

This is what you can do(Click me!)

Well this links to a pdf file by panda.org.

At least try to read it online, Don’t take a printout instead.

So, try and contribute a bit to save paper and the trees.You have to stand for them! They need Us.

Source: Google Images


July was Earth’s hottest month in modern times: US

July was Earth’s hottest month in modern times: US: http://thehindu.com/sci-tech/energy-and-environment/global-warming-july-was-earths-hottest-month-in-modern-times/article9002619.ece

After reading this you might realize why I pen down #ProjectGREEN posts.

But writing is just a way to spread awareness!! Unless we do the little on our part, no good can be made.


#ProjectGreen 4

Innovation driven technologies on Water purification, Saline water treatment and domestic water treatment units have emerged out in bulk since the last decade. A huge emphasis has been laid down on generation of more and more quantity of potable water. Obviously, its good for the upcoming generations, but an unnoticed fact that I would like to bring about is the increasing the wastage of water. 
Irresponsible attitude towards community water programmes and Government schemes is  one of the biggest factors supporting this. In addition to it, another important factor is the peak hour wastage of water. During this period generally the water is supplied in full force and any leakages or irresponsibly opened water taps may lead to enormous wastage of water. 

Many of you might be aware of water shortages in Latur district of Maharashtra. A dedicated train water sponsored by many known personalities was commissioned by the Indian Railways. And nearly all the people were dependent on this ‘Water Train’. Such is the scarcity of water.

Many of the Sub saharan and African countries have been subjected to frequent drought like conditions all the year round. Just try to think about them once before you waste another glass of water by just taking a sip from it and saying,” I am done!”.

It may appear arrogant and harsh but the ultimate truth is WE ACTUALLY WASTE A LOT OF POTABLE WATER, THAN WE CAN CONSERVE.

Just imagine how beneficial it could be, if you save just one litre of water each day! 

1l * 365 = 365l of water is saved by just one individual.

Say One Billion people join this ‘#A_litre _A _day ‘ initiative.

We can conserve 365 Billion litres of water in a year!!

  Also we need to work on the awareness part some more apart from etching the same of grounded realities.

1 post to spread awareness won’t cost you more than 5 minutes in a day! Try it!

Creating Difference calls for action and planning, hand in hand!


Image Source: in.undp.org & Flickr

#IncrediblePics 4

Inspite of all odds,The world is beautiful, all you need to do is to grab your mind and look out of the window of your heart!!


#ProjectGreen 3 

Car pooling! If you’ve heard of it, its great! If you haven’t, its more than okay.

To start with, car pooling can be understood well if you’ve seen a bunch of kids hovering on a MeriGoRound.

Yes! Its that simple. But, you just can’t imagine its effectiveness in major metropolitan cities around the globe.

To know more just click below: An article from the conservationmagazine.org of University of Washington

How Has Car pool been beneficial over the years!

Now, that you’ve gone through what the experts want to say, I too have jotted down the following points(Don’t worry I’ll be quick).

  • It will help to reduce the vehicular emissions substantially.
  • It will help you find new friends having common workplace.
  • It will prove to diminish the hue and cry on ever depleting non renewable energy resources.
  • It will help you out with lesser probabilities of being stuck in traffic jams.
  • It will effectively reduce the air pollutants in the surroundings which in turn would help you get rid of skin problems and other respiratory diseases.
  • Last but not the least, It will definitely allow the Mother Nature to breathe without suffocation and Someday she will definitely be proud of her creations!

So give it a thought. Try it today itself and you will get to experience all of the aforesaid! Research, Re innovate and Rock the world!!!


A letter to the Anonymous!

Dear Anonymous,
I dont know why am I addressing this to you.
But I really feel it is apt for me to do so, for few things cannot be explained in reasoning.

Its really sad when we fight for silly and stupid reasons( which may appear to us as a question on our existence when we are inflamed in the fire of anger), and land up doing nothing!

And on the other hand people who are similar human beings as we are, their life and existence itself is at stake, let alone the stupid reasons to fight. A similar situation is being faced by the people of North And North East India. They include states of Assam,Uttar Pradesh, Bihar,WestBengal and some parts of Uttarakhand.Hundreds of thousands of people are misplaced, their houses are washed away in the floodwaters. They have no food to eat, and even no potable water to quench their thirst. Sunken eyes of the kids who are yet to mark their feets on the ground are witnessing such a disastrous scene infront of their eyes.

You must be thinking why am I explaining this to you,
you may be probably aware of the same as the Headlines are flashing on every News Channel,
probably what would happen by sharing another post on the social media
( some may even challenge, these social media butterflies cannot do anything on ground zero, they just know to blabber about any other thing and have hell lot to say on such issues without lending out any helping hand)

I accept all the above allegtions, but through this post I just want to convey that our life is too short for hatred. What’s new in that you may think? He’s back in his preaching mode!

Okay, you are free to think whatever you want! But, I just wanna say please stop trying to find excuse for brewing another seeds of hatred. Try to ignore little things a bit. If you do so, your ego will not at all be damaged.
If someone tries to intrude, step aside and let him/her fall for their actions.

Understand and speak. Dont speak for the sake of speaking.

I know not many people will find it useful, for it may seem too old fashioned for them to try these! But, I really dont care much, for I will be happy for the one, located anywhere around the globe who benefits from this!


Thanks for giving your precious time!


The ‘mature’ kid


(Image source : us.clipdealer.com)

“A small step can bring about great change.”

I realised this statement even better when I found a little school going kid, involving in some really unpredictable behaviour.
Yes, unpredictable because, generally kids at tender ages of 4 to 5 years, who probably attend kinder garten, are involved in playing with soft toys and dreaming about their favourite cartoon characters, glancing through comic books and listening to bed time stories from their parents. You must be thinking, why am I explaining all these! That would be better adressed by the following excerpt of what I, visualised while waiting for my bus at a bus stop.

Probably, the kid was waiting for his mom at the bus stop after he deboarded his school bus with his friends.
Few minutes later, a well built muscular man passed by, dropping the banana peel on the road along with a plastic bottle. He crushed the bottle with his feet and strolled along , chatting on his phone.

Point to be marked here; there was a dustbin just adjacent to the spot where he threw the bottle and the banana peel.All he had to do, was to bent his hand a little and the disposal would have been proper.

Within few seconds, the kid rushed and picked up the banana peel and the bottle and disposed it off into the dustbin.

He took out his bottle, cleaned his hands and kept the bottle back into his little school bag.
A few minutes later a shimmering scooty stopped near the kid. The kid occupied the backseat held his mother’s waist tightly. Within few seconds, the scooty disappeared amidst the dust cloud.

I was completely speechless by the level of maturity shown by the kid, that in turn was expected from the man!

If the people, get involved in more such activities, and spread the awareness, our surroundings, city , Nation and probably the entire world will become cleaner, and more environment friendly.

If such small kids, can take the lead, why cant we?

It doesnt depend which country or region we belong to, but We should put forward little steps to keep our atmosphere safe and healthy.

Please do keep yourself and your surroundings clean
Keep smiling.