When the eyes exchanged glances!❤

When the eyes exchanged glancesTwo souls united forever!

The people tried to break them down,

Crushed their dreams and aspirations,

Tore apart their beliefs,

Killed their confidence, 

Tortured their patience,

Humiliated their innocence,

Intoxicated their relationship,

Inflicted their minds,

But the souls were adamant,

Their confidence could be shaken,

Their beliefs were healed,

Their innocence was restored,

Their beliefs were reborn,

Afterall Their Souls were united forever,

The Day their eyes met,

The day they said everything, through the eyes!!


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Hello guys!! Hope you all are doing good. Today I am here to share something important and interesting.

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Here we share all our creations, be it poetry,short stories,Photographs, and Videos and remain connected to each other, communicate mutually and try to learn from the insightful comments and views, to improve upon our respective genres.
It’s been a long time since Bloggers were looking forward to stay connected, apart from Community Pool. Hence, the initiative.

I would like to request you to kindly share this on your blogs as well, using reblog , as well as on different social media to allow the bloggers from different domains to get connected!!☺

Hope to see you all there.Thank You.
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The seductive winds..

And again the quilts are back,

The chilled seductive winds send shiver along the spine,

And you just feel to have snacks and a cup of tea, 

And sit and chit chat for hours around the fireplace,

Dim lights create the moments, cozy and warm,

Stories from unidentified genres engulf the room,

The talks are loud ,yet the silence provokes,

Clocks tick tick , and the pendulum ding dong,

Novels and the candle light seduce the moments,

Love brews and Emotions entangle,

And again the quilts are back…….Get Cozy and Imagine the rest!


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The invisible Physical Boundaries..

He doesn’t know much about Love!

He just knew about being with her forever, no matter whatever it may!

Physical boundaries could not hinder their emotional attachment,

Their love was much more beyond the symptoms of Superficial attraction,

They never knew that they are in love, but I guess their souls had it in them!


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I respect you, admire you, love you;

But you take that as Flattery!

It’s Not your fault! The people have made it so…

I just want to see you smile, even if the world names it flattery, I don’t give a damn!


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Reminiscing emotions that stitched us together,

Reminiscing the moments that gave us the warmth of love,

Reminiscing the misty Windows and our names carved on it,

Reminiscing the Sunrise, the chirping of birds, the serene beauty of Nature,that left us spellbound and gave us another reason to be one,

Reminiscing the beautiful kisses that gave a spiritual touch to our souls- two yet one,

Reminiscing the days, the nights, the dawn, the evening, the quilt and the warm coffee shop,

Reminiscing your touch, your soft cold skin, that gave my hands warmth,

Reminiscing Us….Can we ever be together once again; or we are…forever…


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That day…

You don’t get the time to think every day, cherish everyday , remember and muse about someone special who made you believe that Love Stories are not just limited to movies.

Remember, Text, Call , Pay a Visit and just say a warm ‘Thank You’ to that person who made one day of your life worthwhile……Believe me You will definitely feel good!☺