The Girl & the Book❤📖

It was written on the page of my heart,decorated and artistically presented,

But She glanced through the cover of the book, 

and Kept it aside, 

The days passed, dirt accumulated on the book, 

it lay there without complaining, without demanding,

and then one fine morning as the rays from the Sun illuminated her book shelf, 

she found the same book, quiet and benevolent,She took a cloth, wiped off the dust and turned the pages once again….The moment was a bliss,The Book was elated and the pages rejuvenated,

The words made her believe, The words transformed her….She fell in love with the Book and the story continued till the time immemorial……


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Under the Canopy of Stars..

And the little boy lay down on the cold grass of the Garden, 

Under the canopy of stars, sandwiched between the blanket of chilled winds and fog,

The people came and went by, but his dreams continued… Someday, he would be a little closer to the skies, 

Someday he would carry our a conversation with his favourite stars up above the world…

Someday,he would be what people call as BIG,

but he won’t skip any moment of laying down on the grass,

he won’t skip any moment of fantascising yet another dream,

Under the canopy of stars…..



Let My Words…

​Let my words be with me,

 Let them explore more of me everyday, 

Let them dissolve into the intriguing dunes of Imaginary Confluences ,

Let every letter speak out its story, loud and clear, 

fathomless expressions and intricate relationships, let it project all of them, 

let it reverberate the absconding beliefs, 

let it foretell the never said before,

 let it confront the hurdles with  ideas and innovations,

let it say more…and more..and even more…

Let my words help me, be Me,

Let my words be my Strength,

Let my words make me believe in myself,

Let my words touch the people and heal them, make them smile and make them believe  in themselves…


Beyond Named Relationships❤

​Distances can’t limit my feelings for you,

named relationship can’t portray our love,

I don’t care if the people call me insane,

Perhaps they cannot comprehend what my soul feels for you,

Perhaps they just read the words and cannot read my eyes,

And our souls will keep smiling, just because we are still not aware that they connected forever when your eyes met mine!!

Unseen mist in her eyes❤

Unseen mist in her eyes absorbed the emotions deep, 
Soaked in his love she forgot the moment, 

the moon waited for her,

 like every other night, but she forgot the world in his arms!!



She always lived for others,

She carved a smile on everyone,

She cared like a Mother and Loved like a Father,

She sacrificed so much, cut a part of her needs, neglected her essentials to fulfill the greed-because she hardly knew it was such,

She accepted the pains, troubles, struggles whole heartedly,

She convinced herself everytime they inflicted it upon her,

She always thought they were her own,

But they always proved that they were ‘Others’!

But she will rise once again, she will gain the strength they drained out, she will convince herself once more, she will , she will….and guess what she just started off!!


WordPress Bloggers’ Family

Hello guys!! Hope you all are doing good. Today I am here to share something important and interesting.

So, as you can comprehend from the Title of the Blogpost, Few of our fellow bloggers have joined hands to launch a ‘WordPress Bloggers Family‘ on Instagram(@writersofwordpresstogether)

Here we share all our creations, be it poetry,short stories,Photographs, and Videos and remain connected to each other, communicate mutually and try to learn from the insightful comments and views, to improve upon our respective genres.
It’s been a long time since Bloggers were looking forward to stay connected, apart from Community Pool. Hence, the initiative.

I would like to request you to kindly share this on your blogs as well, using reblog , as well as on different social media to allow the bloggers from different domains to get connected!!☺

Hope to see you all there.Thank You.
Lots of Love,


The incredible Mind..

The Incredible mind reads so much,

The forlorn , The giggle masked and the neutral faces,

The helpful,The backstabber, The right ,The wrong;

The broken, The rejuvenated, 

The torn apart, The united forever,

The Incredible Mind reads it all!!



Tormented by the waves of artificial people, I sat on the beach,forlorn and dejected,
Shaping wierd imaginations, wild and cruel- sometimes, even worse,

The life needed a purpose, a reason, a boost up, to draw me out of the trenches of negativity and colourless emotions,

The life needed a ray of light to illuminate me,to support me, and to carve a ‘new me’ out of the ‘broken me’;

And then came a ray of the rising Sun, that kindled sparks within me- once more 

and a distant wave travelling distant miles,

Yes, it struggled hard,

 it jumped high and low,

 it got struck in the vortex,

 it fought against the thousands of wave, that did not want him to reach its destination, that demoralised the spirits, that inflicted its confidence,

But the determination could never be killed,  and after few minutes of struggle,  I could see, the wave, with all its might, came gushing towards the sea shore and it was unstoppable….

My life was illuminated and I discovered the REASON, the PURPOSE, that I was looking for……!