​Amidst the cacophony of thousand vehicles,

Along the dusky streets, lit up in the daylight,

With the hot gust of gases from the engine exhausts,

The shrill voices of the hawkers and silly downtrodden yet sweet quarrels,

Thousands of people moving randomly to earn their living,

Different faces, different emotions , yet their vibe appears similar,

Thoughtful, Disillusioned,yet the undying spirits,

Broken, compressed yet so dynamic,

Yes,They are busy in their lives, they are busy for their lives,

Yes, they believe to do some work,

Yes, they run, they jump, they crawl,

Yes, they try, try and try and they are the one who emerge out of the crowd, to lead the busy world,

Yes, they are in you and you are in them.

Everyday.. But!


 I bear the harsh winds, 

I get smashed by the rains,

I nearly get uprooted, 

But those few strands of my root, doesn’t let it go,

But that one wave of motivation allows me to act brave, to survive, to fight back!

But that one gentle pat on my shoulder, suddenly rejuvenates my soul,

But that one word of care, few words of love, and a sentence of energised spirits, helps me gather enough momentum,

But that one smile on the face of my loved ones, instills a sense of pride for myself-Inspite of all the humiliations by the artificial plastic people out there,

But that one ray from the Morning Sun, rekindles in me the hope,the vigour and the enthusiasm…

Everyday It’s hard to live, but it’s SOMETHING or SOMEONE who keeps me alive, the reason to live everyday, the reason to let me be myself!


The seductive winds..

And again the quilts are back,

The chilled seductive winds send shiver along the spine,

And you just feel to have snacks and a cup of tea, 

And sit and chit chat for hours around the fireplace,

Dim lights create the moments, cozy and warm,

Stories from unidentified genres engulf the room,

The talks are loud ,yet the silence provokes,

Clocks tick tick , and the pendulum ding dong,

Novels and the candle light seduce the moments,

Love brews and Emotions entangle,

And again the quilts are back…….Get Cozy and Imagine the rest!


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The invisible Physical Boundaries..

He doesn’t know much about Love!

He just knew about being with her forever, no matter whatever it may!

Physical boundaries could not hinder their emotional attachment,

Their love was much more beyond the symptoms of Superficial attraction,

They never knew that they are in love, but I guess their souls had it in them!


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The secret of the woods..

Emotions sway as the cool breeze twirls around the shivering branches,

The fog unveils the secret of the woods,

Fascinating creatures rise from their slumbers,

For the day calls for their actions, to satisfy their insatiable hunger,

Hunt and being hunted, plunder and being plundered;

And the survival of the fittest,

Woods are dark again and a day of organised chaos, teaching new lessons,substatiating new laws, upturning new facets of the Coin of Nature…..comes to a pause, only to resume the next day!



Reminiscing emotions that stitched us together,

Reminiscing the moments that gave us the warmth of love,

Reminiscing the misty Windows and our names carved on it,

Reminiscing the Sunrise, the chirping of birds, the serene beauty of Nature,that left us spellbound and gave us another reason to be one,

Reminiscing the beautiful kisses that gave a spiritual touch to our souls- two yet one,

Reminiscing the days, the nights, the dawn, the evening, the quilt and the warm coffee shop,

Reminiscing your touch, your soft cold skin, that gave my hands warmth,

Reminiscing Us….Can we ever be together once again; or we are…forever…


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The Sun Shines and the Spirits are enlightened,

Minds are charged and new goals are set,

Achievements are cherished and mistakes turn to empower the determination,

It was not about Yesterday, It is not about tomorrow, It is about the moment you have NOW!!


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And then his eyes showed a sign of respect,

A genuine sign, which was something more than ‘Thank you’ ;

Now that she admired him, 

Her love for him gained more and more respect,

That no one had ever,That no one could ever…….



She turned more cruel,

His love for her grew deeper;

That she seemed more far fetched,
they grew closer and closer…

It may not be called love,
But something… definitely existed!



Hold my lips in yours, before they breal apart,

Absorb me in You before the moment evaporates!!❤


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