Saavan and Lord Shiv Pooja

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Saavan(or Shravan) month of the Hindu Calender is said to be the most auspicious month(mid July to mid August) in the Hindu mythology. It is often marked with the advent of Monsoons over the Indian peninsular region which is revered as God’s blessings in the form of rains as it is these rains which help the farmers in providing emmense Water for irrigation.

Lord Shiv is said to have drunk the ‘Halahal(Poison)’ as it appeared during ‘Samudra Manthan’and thus protected the humanity and He became famous among the devotees as ‘Lord Neelkanth’ as his throat became blue because of the ‘Halahal’. You can now imagine how the God loves their creations. We too should try to maintain and strengthen this healthy relationship with spirituality. The mind is  should be pure and belief should be firm.

Saavan is also believed as the month during which the devotees offer their prayers along with ‘GangaJal( Water from the Holy Ganges)’ on the ‘Shivling’.( Shivling often has varied meanings prevlent among the masses but the most accepted belief is that Lord Shiv is worshipped in the ‘shivling’ form and hence it stands His  worship symbol for the devotees) .

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It is a common belief among majority of the Hindu masses to observe austerity and fasting during this period. They travel to various Rivers

( Especially the Holy Ganges, Godavari, Shipra,Narmada), collect ‘Water’ in small pots which in turn are attached to the ‘Kaanvar’, a beautifully decorated arrangement as shown below. 

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These ‘Kaanvars’ are carried by the devotees on their shoulders to temples in their regions usually on footIt is believed that the ‘Kaanvars’ are not to be brought in contact with the ground until they are offered to the ‘Shivling’. The journey is none less than a festival. Many stalls are lined up for supporting and encouraging the devotees during the journey by providing them with food, and water and other requisites to make their journey a comfortable and memorable one. Free ‘Sharbat’ (An Indian drink prepared with water sugar and other flavouring syrups) stalls are very frequently installed along the route to keep the devotees energised during the entire journey. Stands are provided to keep the kanwars momentarily.

Their journey is often taken up saying ‘Har Har Mahadev’ or ‘Bol Bum’ (Hail the Lord Shiv). When they offer their collected water of the pots on the ‘Shivling’ and offer their prayers to Gods and Goddesses their journey is marked to be successful.God bestows them with blessings and it is believed that all your wishes come true(obviously it has be supported by equal amount of efforts by the people, as God helps those who at least ‘try’ to help themselves).

You can read in further details(if you’re curious to know more) from the following link

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Lord Shiv is believed to be:

 ‘Bhole Baba'(The Lord who gets happy just with little amount of devotion, purity of Mind and soul and true belief)

A tri leaf combo( Belpatra) and ‘Dhatoora flower’ are the simplest offerings a devotee can offer.

Generally, fasts are observed on every Monday of Saavan Month. It is also believed that Girls keep fast to ensure that they get their desired soulmates. 

In a nutshell, Savan stands as bringing the devotees closer to their Almighty and connecting the mortal and the spiritual world together by means of Beliefs, traditions and simple rituals that have been prevlent in India since time immemorial and shall continue forever.

Om Namah Shivay

ऊँ नम: शिवाय


We the people..

On the auspicious occasion of India’s  70th Independence Day, I would like to share the famous poem by Nobel Laureate ‘RabindraNath Tagore’ which had once stirred the minds of Indians and shall keep on revolutionising young minds to work towards the progress of their Nation.

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high

Where knowledge is free

Where the world has not been broken up into fragments
By narrow domestic walls
Where words come out from the depth of truth
Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection
Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way
Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit
Where the mind is led forward by thee
Into ever-widening thought and action
Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.

In the land of infinite brains, unparalleled innovation, ever growing ideas, and their unity in diversity will keep providing the required driving force to stir the development of the nation so that our future generations could be proud of us.

Lot of milestones have been achieved, and a lot more are yet to be achieved!

Jai Hind!!

Happy Independence Day ☺

Are the youngsters not interested in religion?

Hi guys, The other day, I was glancing over the articles in one of the magazines ,when I found the interview of one of my favourite Authors. I started reading and following 3 to 4 questions he was questioned on how did he manage to publish his first book on his own.

The author replied, ” My first book was rejected by almost every publisher I approached.They reasoned that YOUNGSTERS ARE NOT INTERESTED IN RELIGION.Finally I had to self publish it ”

Now, this is a big statement for any publishing house to make, as it nearly contradicts the entire youth generation as they are openly called as someone who have no interest in religion or religious talks!

What I personally feel, the youngsters today have a more developed outlook towards every phenomenon of the society. They have carved out broader views on religion, family, relationships, life, and growth.

They love God even more, but do not want to confine themselves into the ideologies of a certain religion. BASICALLY, YOUNGSTERS HAVE ACCEPTED A GLOBAL RELIGION.

They are free to frame the best principles and ideologies  out of the global curriculum.They have setup new benchmarks utilising both technology and the traditional perspectives. 

In a comic way if I would say,

“They dont mind conversing with God when they’re having burgers and fries ”

” They dont mind sharing their thoughts with Almighty while offering Him a sip of their coke”


In a nutshell, 

They Dont Just Revere God, but Love Him!

 Time to ponder over! Please do share your views!



Mission Accomplished!

“Dreams are seen by many, thought of by some, worked  of for, by few and achieved by even few people” .


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Kudos!You are one among them, who have dared to dream big and have achieved a significant milestone on the way to your dreams.

Congratulations are in order for everyone of you who have either graduated or are going to graduate this Summer. This marks the successful efforts of every drop of sweat that were put in to achieve something that you dreamt of. Assignments, Journals, Presentations, Semester exams all have finally converged to bestow upon you the fruits of your labour.

Blessings, Prayers , and Good Wishes by your parents and loved ones have played their part efficiently in the germination of your dream. Cumulative of all the hard work put in, curtailing all your pleasures , sacrifices of your family distant from you, and whatever you may think of has directly or indirectly been instrumental in achieving this feat.

Coming from diverse group of culture, traditions, ethnicity; you adapted in all ups and downs during the study, amalgamated thoughts, experiences and ideas to develop the requisite bond to unravel the intricacies of knowledge and resources. The various potentials you unleashed out of yourself, will add to your encyclopedia of Talents and will be instrumental to make you reach closer to your dreams.

Your Alma mater has nurtured you into prominent and accomplished leaders of the world, now its your turn to shape the world in its better form.

Corridors, auditorium, open air theatre, walkways,Cafetaria and your personal favourite spots, yeah! You’re going to miss them all.Friends, and colleagues who supported and motivated your soul during this learning journey, will always be close to your hear.Encouragements and high fives, gigglings and Educational tours, thought processes and Inception of new ideas, shall always remain an integral part of your life. Different corners of world await you, let your knowledge brighten the world some more.

Discover the most out of yourself, utilise your talents, impliment your ideas, unleash new platforms to project your knowledge and gross new heights of success, achieve the acme of achievements and aspirations and obviously make the world a better place to live in.

All the Best! May Almighty Help each one of us to make the world even more beautiful in our little ways.


The Road to VrindaVan….

memory lane Lord Krishna

Being the Creative Head of a Lifestyle Channel,is probably the most cumbersome job ever. It is an irony that,portraying Documentaries about Life and People, is rather easier than to insight into Yourself! for you have no other choice but to make a lot of money.
” Vrindavan, Hotel Hare Krishna Residency “, I instructed the Cab driver seating myself in the car. We had to shoot an episode on the Life of Shri Krishna.

The cab drifted through the busy streets of Mathura Cantt. Railway Station to get into some pace in the open areas between Mathura and Vrindavan. It comprised Mustard fields, an aroma of the Mustard plants and abundance of fresh air, generally all if these are a Must See if you reside in Metropolitan cities. In such an atmosphere you’re compelled to give a thought to your present Life.

A series of thoughts , The Managing Director giving usual stares during presentations, and his ‘Never to praise’ attitude was hitting hard on me.

Suddenly, the cab stopped with a jolt.After, 20 minutes of Mechanical Inspection the driver concluded that, the spark plug had to be replaced immediately and gave me an awful & a ‘I Can’t Help It’ glance!

I took my Laptop Bag and the bottle of water and proceeded on the dusty lane, with a view to get some public transport as 25 Kms is not a distance you could walk and that too when the dusk was approaching.
After walking for the next 17 minutes or so, I found a cowherd with his cows grazing over the pastures. It was his flute’s tune which allowed me to notice his presence amidst 50 cows.

” Is that the road to Vrindavan? From where shall I avail some public transport?”, I launched some ‘strictly to matter’ questions.

He replied with a decent smile, ” I live in a village nearby, I shall help you to get to the Main road from where you shall get Auto Richshaws to Vrindavan.”
I thanked Him for the help he offered.

We started walking together.
For the next few minutes we exchanged our essential informations.

He became too sure that I made lot of money in my work.

” But that constitutes harsh presentations, critical overview and Huge Pressure too, and I am too frustrated with this. I hail from a village nearby Lucknow, and Life has transformed a lot, in these 3 decades. I mean Life has become something that is controlled and manupulated by others. My life is not really mine.”, I didnt know Why I shared these things, probably I had hardly spoken so frankly to anyone in recent years!

” So what do you want in life”,He inquired.

” Earlier I wanted money,fame and Power; but in the race to achieve these I have lost what I already had. I mean, while in village,we used to play, write poems and stories, and do whatever I wanted. All these made me Happier than what I am today. My Life has become something that others wanted it to be, and to some extent myself too. I think its Desire that has led to everything.”, I said.

” Shri Krishna has said, You have the right to do work and not worry about the results that It may fetch.
Fight all your problems, without caring for Victory or Loss, Bliss or sorrow. “

“I think you should pursue something that You love, not what others expect you to do, as in utilising you to make money. That’ s exactly, what is troubling you”.

” But, you need money , for everything; even for your dreams!”

” Desire is the cause for Materialistic pursuits,which siezes ones mind, and destroys his knowledge; So if you want to be Happy do what you really want, dont desire,but work.”

I wondered how Knowledgable he was, particularly about Life.

“Here comes your Main road! AutoRickshaws will take you to your destination. “

” Excuse Me, But I am new to this place, can’t you please help me reach the place “, I asked with a feeling of need and helplessness ,in my voice.

“Our Motive is to show the correct path to the people, the destination is ought to be achieved solely by themselves! Radhey Radhey!”, He said, again with a smile.

“Radhey Radhey! “, I said wondering really hard to get the true meaning of His concluding statement.

I thanked Him for his help and all the advices which he instilled in me.

Reaching the Hotel, the room attendent guided me to my room, narrating stories about Shri Krishna’s Presence in each and every particle of Mathura and Vrindavan.He narrated me, about a businessman, who was transformed into a saint by the teachings of an unknown Cowherd during his visit. People say that the Cowherd was , Lord Krishna Himself!
This narration pricked me.Thats exactly,what happened to me few hours ago.

For the next few hours I kept pondering over the Cowherd’s words.

” Was he Lord Krishna?
No Man! How is that possible?
No, No, That’s Not possible. Not at All!”, my extra logical mind suggested.

” Can It be Possible? It may be!
Yes actually, it may be.
He KindOf knew everything about me, a Lot more than, I actually Told Him! And…And…And His Words, He said that If you have any problem in your life, just Go through your Sacred Texts. In My Case, Does it imply The Bhagwad Geeta ? Yeah, perhaps I will find an answer to my questions. “, with these Hot & Cold Conversations populating my mind, I started to Look up for a Copy Of The Bhagwad Geeta.

I went downstairs to the Book Shop of the resort. ‘The Bhagwad Geeta ‘, the yellowish brown cover with an image of Lord Krishna and his disciple Arjun, illuminating under a beam of Sunlight, that narrowly escaped through the glass window pane, as If that was the answer I was Looking for!

I sat there for another One and a Half hours. Probably,The Cowheard’s lines echoed in my ears and my Head as I came across the same Shlokas in the Book. The hazy appearance of His face was, cascading infront of my eyes. His look, closely resembled to that Of Lord Krishna, in one of the Pictures, where He was depicted playing a flute, near His Cows.

“Our Motive is to show the correct path, the Destination is ought to be achieved solely, by the People themselves”, the statement echoed my ears, again and again.

Undoubtedly,It was Him!

I-pad in the temple!

Its not everyday, that you visit a temple to offer your prayers and find different and unique ways of praying to God. The faith itself is a big word, being the founding stone of hope, it can empower you with varying strengths at each step of your life.

Everyone, may look over the following excerpt differently and I respect everyone’s sense of judging the things, for I have nothing to say to belief but I just have to communicate the Uniqueness and Stern hope in the man’s form of worship.

As I entered the temple,the environment was preoccupied with the divine enchanting verses from the ‘Hanuman Chalisa’. I felt good about the ambience, but I had no clues where were the chants coming from. NO not from the speakers of the temple premises.A seemingly aged man probably in his 50s was sitting on a chair with an I-pad, his hands partially dedicated in prayer, and the chanting verses flowing out of the speakers of the I-Pad. He sat there for near about 15 minutes and when the verses were complete, he stood up carefully with the help of his Alumunium walking stick with rubber handle. He lurched forward to bow his head infront of the statue of Lord Hanuman , and slowly tiptoed to the priest ensuring the acceptance of the ‘Prasaad’. He gradually walked down the steps, boarded his car and went away.

I kept on pondering about this man and probably , the most unique form of worship which I could notice, since my birth.
I kept silent and a smile appeared on my face for no  reason known!


The divine dialogue

As soon as I turned on my Data services,several messages popped up on the notification bar.

Among all these notifications was a motion video.

The video started with a man saying that he had a dream wherein Almighty God appeared to him very sad and gloomy.

He asked God, ” You look sad, may I please know why is it so? “
God said, ” Probably, you are the one of the reasons for this “
He said, ” That is strange but how is it possible. Everyone reveres you the most on Earth.”

God Said, ” Whenever you face any troubles you blame me, that God has sent down problems because He is angry,

whenever a beggar is facing troubles aside the road, He blames me that I have given him such a life,

Whenever a Woman feels that her daughter-in-law does not respect or follows her, she blames me,

If students do not get their expected marks irrespective of analysing his/her potentials, they blame me.

If son/daughter do not look after their parents, the parents blame me instead of analysing the real reasons underlying it.
Whenever you face any health issues due to your neglegencies towards your body, you blame me that I have done something to make you suffer

Whenever a boy and a girl break apart, they blame me instead of analysing on what were the reasons reponsible for the same, without considering that they did not pay respect to their mutual relationship

Whenever people massacre themselves, on communal lines, people blame the religion and in a way they  blame me

In their happiness few people remember me or share their successes with me, however every sort of mishappening and failure is directly and allegedly related to me.

Am I worthy of this behaviour from my children?
Whome I created with my own hands,crafted their world,gave them a beautiful,pollution free world without any hatred, or disparity among individuals, I gave you mind so that you may utilise it judiciously for the welfare of the society, I am always with you in your happiness and sorrows, in your ups and down , good or bad,
even when no one is with you, I stand by you every time…………”
His speech was interrupted by the accumulation of tears in His eyes. His voice grew damp, eyes were swollen and red, He sobbed like a child.

The man came to Almighty, wiped out his tears, hugged Him gently and said “Dont Cry. How can God cry! “

The man continued,” We are so mean. we always thought whenever we are in some problem, we are sad, we blame you like anything, few people thank you, fewer people thank you sincerely , even fewer people owe their success to you, but We had always been told that you are like our parents, we never knew that someday our atttocities will be magnified to such an extent as to bring tears to your eyes.
We never knew if we are part of you, you too are an integral part of us, not in a superficial way, but an inseparable part of us.

We  never knew If a creature is incomplete without his God,
God too is incomplete without the true love of his creations!

We will try and strive every bit of us to make you believe that we love you, we love your creations,we love your world.

You are our past present and future.


Now c’mon cheer up!
C’mon smile now, dont be angry This anger does not suit you.”

Almighty Smiled.

Tears rolled down my cheek for no reason known. The feeling cannot be explained in words.

I just promised to my self looking towards the heavens ” I will keep YOU smiling “



Dreams Unleashed!

Looking towards the acme,
I feel myself uplifted to the Seventh skies as if Inspiration has become my wings to fly across the limitless canvas of Sky painted with the clouds and Amazing colours of the Rainbow.

Seeing the Birds flying together,giving their flock a beautiful pattern; I feel that someday, I too will be like a bird,enjoy every microsecond of my life,when I will traverse across the length and width of the mighty Universe.

Watching the fishes on the National Geographic Channel, I feel that,someday I will experience their Wonderful and Magnificent world,sailing across the oceans,swimming along with the fishes,as if i am one among them.

They say its a dream,
They say I am stupid,
They say Be Practical,Be Real,
They say What if u dreams are not fulfilled,

But……..Who Cares???
Be clear:
Dream more and Make your dreams, Your Destination,Your aim,Your Life,
Give it ,whatever it demands and you will make it Turn
into reality.


Feel It!

Close your Eyes.


Take your mind to a mountain top covered with frizzy snow and a cushion of frothy snow makes your legs feel comfortable.



The winds are cool.You can clearly listen to their roars in the vast valley before yourself.
Yeah, that is, bit furious and you are probably horrified.

Grab all of your voice and scream out loud, ” Aaaaaaa. …oooooo….yaaa….hhh” for 10 seconds.


You hear the echo, as if the valleys are repeating after your narration.
” Aaaaaa… .ooooo…yaaaa…hh”

Now you feel better! Much better. A sudden silence grips you.You feel your soul!

Stretch apart your arms.

Take deep breaths.

Feel the aroma of the moist soil,amidst the snow covered peaks.

Feel the gusts of wind, gently massaging your face.

Feel the tiny raindrops and drizzle on your face, subjecting your soul into a world of bliss.

Feel your every heartbeat, as if they’ve a lot to talk to you!

As if they, had been craving since time immemorial, to find some time to share their feelings,with you.

Talk to them. Share all of your thoughts. All of your emotions. All of your experiences.
You will feel good. Extremely Good!



A Morning says Much!




A morning when the blanket of Darkness folds,
And the Sun wakes up on the Pillow of the Mighty Mountains,
It witnesses The Valley of Love blooming with the buds of the Sweet memories, dancing in the breeze of Innocence,rejuvenated by the fragrance of Feelings
When each bud unfolds into a beautiful Flower,it clearly narrates its own Story,
When the clear Stream signifies that the Time runs and runs,even if u are Exhausted,
Carrying with itself the Sediments of Sweet and Sour Experiences of your Life.
Keep Loving Keep Living
Keep Smiling