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Rules Priority Clash๐Ÿ˜‡: Episode 5

“Wake up Kush!!!!!! The next is a Bucket of Icy Cold water!! “, yelled Pari throwing a set of pillows on his face.

“Hey! What happened!aghrrhh..”, Kush said as he jumped up on his bed.

“Hurry up or we will miss the interesting stroll and the beautiful Sunrise, along the holy Ganges! Within 10 minutes I want to see you at the reception”, she threw a towel at Kush and rushed out of the room banging the door.

“God! It five in the morning and she’s like the clock has already struck 12! “, He said as he buried his face in the towel and shouted “ahhggherr”. The very next moment he was out of his bed.

“So, where to go?”, Kush said as he joined Pari at the reception.

“Not bad, seven minutes!Good Boy!โ˜บ๐Ÿ‘ Come on let’s go”

They stepped down to the Aastha Path, a walkway constructed along the Holy Ganges at Rishikesh.

“That…….. is……just……Awesome!!”, exclaimed Kush.

“Serene, heavenly and What not! No words can describe the spectacular Scene and the beauty cuddling in the lap of Mother Nature”, exclaimed Pari.

Kush took out his phone to photograph the scene. 

“That’s What Shouldn’t be done! Why do you spoil the moment by trying just to click pictures and enjoying the moment at all? Live the moment! “,She said and spread her arms and took a deep breath.

Kushagra put his phone in his pocket and Replicated Pari.

The moment of Bliss!

They stood there for 10 minutes feeling every bit of the ambience, absorbing the heavenly feelings, the cool breeze smooth and gentle on the skin, just like Mother Ganga is making them sleep in her lap.

They strolled along the Aastha Path. A temple on the footsteps, accumulated all the beauty of the Nature. The ringing bells, the aroma of the incense sticks engulfed the surroundings, the cuckoo told so many stories in her sweet voice, the water of The Holy Ganges seemed to indulge in a constant conversation with the Nature.

The Sun rose above the green bushy trees and the fog laden hills, the mist above the river added to its beauty. For the first time in their lives, they saw such a beautiful Sunrise, unexpainable, No Adjectives enough to describe its beauty.


He held her hand and said,”Thank You!”

It was unusual, it was different, it was because they lived each moment to their fullest.


Written by:

Vivek Vatsal

Utkarshini Khanna

Conceptualised by:

Vivek Vatsal

Photographs ยฉ Vivek Vatsal

Brought to you with love by The team:



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It was a warm day. The humidity added to the discomfort quotient.
I waited until the metro arrived at the platform. A little boy who was really excited to board the metro(probably,his first ride!), was constantly peeping to see if the metro has arrived or not and in doing so he was jumping the yellow safety line on the platform. I warned him and made him understand the usefulness of the safety line.

It was very noisy outside, cacophony of people, quarrels, loud shouts on the phone and non-stop honking owing to the traffic jam below the metro station.

The metro arrived. I boarded the train and luckily found a seat near the corner of the door. And it was cool,quiet and solace. 

Just a moment later, I found two guys standing beside my seat and were murmuring something about motivation. Naturally, I got attracted to what they had to say, but obviously I had to eavesdrop on them, as they talked in feeble voices(which generally the guys don’t do!)

‘bhaii! Motivation tabhi aayegi jab tere deo ki smell me pasine ke smell mix ho jayegii!'( Bro, your motivation quotient won’t be 100% until the aroma of your deo is enriched by the essence of perspiration!!)

Now that was something very big, that I could learn from random people!! Obviously! The words were heavy for me to include them into my memory.

So, that’s about the eavesdropping in silence!! Probably a valuable one!

Do share your views!! Eagerly waiting for them!



The kid and the squirrel!

School kids often do many annoying things to climb upon your nerves.

Like….Shouting, Shrill Voice yet loud Conversations, Asking so many questions(sometimes those beyond their age!๐Ÿ˜Ž) and Not settling at a single place for more than a minute. 

Two minutes time given. Close your eyes and imagine all of these.

Okay! Imagined.

However, the kid who draw my attention was not at all like these.

He was a small, cute boy probably studying in Kindergarten, sitting near a Banyan tree and quietly eating his lunch.Amidst the cacophony of hundreds of children, some jumping, some houling, some running; and this boy was totally confined within himself.


Meanwhile, A little squirrel was making marathons from one end of the courtyard to the Banyan tree. Probably, looking for some food to feed her young ones, as there were three other little squirrels but very quiet,just like the small boy. 

The boy was observing the squirrel and had perceived clearly that the squirrel was not able to collect the amount of food she needed. After seeing it for another five minutes, the little boy dropped two little cookies and went away at a distant place where the squirrel could not see him. 

As the squirrel came near the tree, she found two cookies broken into small pieces(as the boy had dropped it down) so that it could easily carry the same to her children.

The little boy who was hiding beside the tree started clapping and was overwhelmed with joy. His little cheeks turned pink with smile. He was in a state of Bliss!

I learned a very important lesson from the little boy.

Life is really fragile, we must handle it with care and compassion!

And that what gives you happiness, you must never refrain yourself from doing that,keeping in mind what the time demands!!



Rules Priority Clash!๐Ÿ˜‡ :Episode 2

It was almost silent indoors, most of the people were busy with their smartphones and laptops. Some not so busy, stuffed earphones and slept in solace. Some hungry, chubby kids randomly peeped through the passage, whether refreshments were being served, and probably their wishes were granted.
Two lean men,one with stacked trays of Refreshment and the other with a carton of RailNeer Water bottles marked their entry into the compartment, with a screeching sound of the sliding door. They began serving.

The coach was not much occupied and there were many vacant seats. One of the kids was constantly changing his position between two vacant seats. 

Children enjoy a lot in the trains!

Kushagra was constantly looking outside the window and pondering over something that had it on his nerves since long. 

“Excuse me Sir! Here’s your refreshment! Ma’am here’s your”, interrupted the attendant.

” ya! Sure. Thank you!”, replied Pratishtha.

Disconnected from all these stuff, Kushagra kept pondering on the outside world that moved past his eyes.Industrial setups on the outskirts of Delhi, Roads, traffic jam, Cart pullers drained with sweat, Delhi Metro making strides, Local trains and people hanging on the doors. He could see much, but all he was able to comprehend was that none was perfectly happy in his/her world, still they were upto their daily routine and the rules setup by the society.

“Kush!! Hey!!..”, she patted on his shoulders.

“Hn.anh..”,He jolted, as if he suddenly woke up from a dream!

“Have some refreshments!”, she said offering him the sandwich.

“No, I don’t feel like having them”,he dejected.

” oh! Have some please. You did not have your dinner last night! Did you?”, she pleaded.

‘Zummm..Tagad… Tagad …Tagad tagad..’,Suddenly a train passed on the adjacent track in opposite direction. The previous night cascaded infront of his eyes.

Previous night…..

As he unlocked the door, he could find a pamphlet lying on the doormat.

 It read:

Are You Really Happy with your Life?

 Is your life stressed to its maximum limit?

Have you lived your life upto its fullest?

Have you made a to-do list, but not able to achieve it?

Guaranteed Solutions!! Meet the experts! Change yourself within a week!

Call on the following numbers:


He sat down on the chair. Kept his bag aside, threw his shoes in disgust, first the right one followed by the left one.

Instances from office room echoed again and again..

“How  could you be so careless! You’re a senior executive!Damn It! 

Isn’t the company is paying you fucking enough to get your ass off the shit!!!

You’re a bloody looser!! Get the fucking out of my sight”

“Chuymm..”, the phone tore apart the silence, announcing new conversations.

He swiped the Notification bar.

‘Time for Clash of the Rules!!’, adressed the caption of the selfie. It was Pratishtha.

“Scee…chtch”, the train stopped with a jolt.

There was commotion in the compartment. A bulky lady entered the coach with an even big Luggage. She struggled hard to fit into the seat adjacent to the third row.

“Have a look! This is the journey map.I have created it myself.”, Pratishtha said handing over the iPad to Kushagra.

It was the map of India dotting locations with a green dot starting from Delhi,moving along Uttarakhand, UP, Bihar, West Bengal, Assam, Arunachal, Meghalaya, Orrisa, Andhra pradesh, Tamil Nadu terminating partially at Kanyakumari, thereafter a dotted line joined back Kanyakumari to Delhi via Kerala, Karnataka, Goa, Mumbai ,Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Kota, Jaipur.

“That’s huge”, Said Kushagra, bringing a smile on his face.” And you, were going to do that alone?”

“You haven’t changed a bit Pari”, he said hitting her head softly.

The train started with a jerk!!

“Not at all Kush!!๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜Žโ˜บShould I Pretend to do so?Hahaha..”, jolted Pratishtha……….(To be continued)

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Read the first episode here


Rules priority clash!!๐Ÿ˜‡ : Episode 1

Need I tell you what an average person is up to when he has enough of Nutrition tablets(Somewhat similar to what Farhan Akhtar does in his Nutrilite Ad!)

(PS: Amway is not paying me to do this!!)

Now similar is the case with Kushagra.

To make his day,pretty awesome, he gets up early in the morning, gets into his jogging shoes and drains out all his carbs consumed on the previous night.

Thereafter,he goes for swimming which further tightens up his abs, hands and legs. 

After taking a shower, he gets ready like professionals do. Yeah! Not a pinch of dust on his shoes!Tie knot at the proper place. He gives a decent amount of time in remembering Almighty.

He has his breakfast, which is relatively heavier than most of his meals throughout the day.

Looking confident, he sets off to the office, reaches and never ever makes stride to reach to the lift as he doesn’t use one!!( 2 floors, don’t get any ideas)

On the way his looks leave no stone unturned to leave the fellow female colleagues awestruck.

 Yeah!! Those peepy eyes through the spectacles.They never miss a chance to scan him.

Okay..Fast Forward

Work-Lunch-Meetings-Evening Presentations- Home.

Now something was really odd that day when he woke up! But probably he was worth it.

He did not go for jogging. Neither did he tone up his muscles by swimming.

Where was he? What was he upto?

New Delhi Railway Station.

He ran along the platform to find his coach. With a backpack and a bottle of water, and the sunglasses swung in ‘Complex Harmonic motion’.

Among the cacophony of people and hawkers, his ears managed to spot the voice of Pratishtha.(Ahh!! The first feeling in your minds and shutting down them. No! She was not his girlfriend. Just childhood buddies and probably they already had enough of breakup-Patch up stuff to consolidate their minds into an open relationship.

( Ohh! Does that work? Yeah! It does, because you simply can’t believe the same, until someone unravels you!!)

“Kushagra”, she yelled up twice.

“Hey…come here! …Fuck! Look here you bloody idiot..”

And to her over-caring words!!(๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜Š)he responded and jumped into the compartment as the boggies were about to rattle on track 

He was panting. She gave him some water to drink and he swallowed gulps of water, letting out fast breaths.

She said,”Don’t Panic, you’re on board now!!” 

They went and sat down on the two seats in the third row from the front.

And the Shatabdi Express caught up its pace, as it rattled past the platform……………(To be Continued)

Hey guys!!

Thanks for reading. I just randomly started off a series.(I really don’t know why that went off.) But anyways. Hoping that it drew some of your interests(Did it?)which would be aroused more in the upcoming episodes!! Stay tuned!!

Thanks again for your Love and Support!!

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The Road to Vrindavan!!

It has been a year, since I penned down this story, yet it seems afresh!! 

The true relation between Almighty and humans needs no explanation! Feelings are all what one needs!

Have a look!

Link to The Road to VrindaVan

The slice of pizza๐Ÿ•

A little chubby boy walked out of Domino’s  with a box of Pizza. Suddenly, some big hunk mistakenly pushed the little boy and the box slipped off from his hands on to the bed sheet spread on the roadside. Some small but needy children were seated on it. 

The chubby boy, began to look for it. A rugged boy , got up from bedsheet, came near to the boy and gave him his box. The boy was really illuminated that he found his box back. He said thanks and moved around to walk away. Suddenly, he stopped with a jolt. 

He came near the rugged boy and told him to have a slice from his pizza. The boy said nothing and took a slice and thanked him for the same. The chubby boy went away happily.

Image Source: nj.com

The rugged boy did not have the slice alone, he infact shared the slice with three other boys. And the face of each of the four boys was like they were having a treat. They danced and enjoyed like anything. Their faces lined up as if the chubby boy was no less than a superhero!!

Hardly, did the chubby boy know that a slice of pizza can be the reason for so many smiles!๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š


<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/radical/”>Radical</a&gt;

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/discover-challenges/superhero/”>Superhero</a&gt;

The swing!!

Image courtesy:Shutterstock.com

She leaned towards the swing,

And her feets tiptoed with every oscillation,

Few little steps and she was seated,

Looked like a small,innocent world she had just created,

Enabled were her senses, smiles blossomed on her face,

Beyond the world of people busy in the rat race,

She made an arc, yet another arc, an yet again,

Her little hairs swung in unison, her face brightened with every oscillation,

A gentle breeze just escaped past her smooth skin,

The feeling was more than bliss,

Because she sat on the lap of her Father,

And her Father was her swing buddy!!๐Ÿ˜Š

I could hardly say anything was stumped by this beautiful Father-Daughter Relationship!!


<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/stump/”>Stump</a&gt;

From the Window seat!!

The train rattled past the metal tracks, through some amazing landscapes and even Amazing people.

They reflected much more than they could have ever absorbed. Something that may be beyond realisation and rational thinking. Something that’s an integral part of all of us’ but we fail to acknowledge the same !!

And as I looked out of the window, I could see a Father holding hand of his daughter and  probably telling her the stories of the world. 

Making her realize the beauty of Nature,the tranquility hidden in the smell of the soil, 

the essentials of becoming a good human being,the importance of Education, 

the intricacies in childhood that she needed to learn, the world and the people , 

that there are loads of Bad people but also there are enough of good people, as well!

That we need to find out the actual one!!

The little girl smiled and  the moment, innocence being the reason!!