Let’s rise to FIGHT HUNGER

Yes! They’ve already started..You have to join and contribute in your little way..Believe me Change will happen, Because there ARE people, who are dedicated to make the change happen.. Support them👍☺

Today I’ve decided to share my thoughts on hunger. Have you ever thought about what it’s like to not have food? I am sure that most people do not have to worry about being hungry everyday, but there are people who do (even as you read now). There are currently 925 million people that are starving in the world today. 

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Scream of an unborn

Even an unborn deserves Love, why just keep it limited……Make Love, Give love but inhumane acts may not always justify your actions… It’s better to PROTECT yourself, if you aren’t ready for the responsibilities…. Very Bold Post👍 Must Read…and Share as well

Words and Notion

I always imagined your shining eyes welcoming me to my new home. I thought there was deep love in your heart. I was eagerly waiting for that day to happen.

But all of a sudden, it occurred..

I saw something coming towards me. I haven’t seen such a thing ever in my life. I smiled at it. But it didn’t smile back. Instead it hugged me, hugged me so tightly that I couldn’t breathe at all. I couldn’t understand what was happening to me. The sharp objects crushed me completely.

Still I donno why did you deny my arrival in to your world? And finally why did you cut me into pieces? Can you ever guess the pain I felt? Physically as well as mentally you hurt me so badly.

Your right to make decisions deprived me of my right to life. You misunderstood that I feel nothing and understand…

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The Bathroom Singer☺

Hey guys!! How are you doing?

So, did you imagine that IncrediblePie could also sing a bit😉.

Yeah! I Posted a song on my Instagram.

‘Moh moh ke dhaage’ from Dum Laga ke Haisha, originally sung by Papon.

Here’s the  link. Please do have a look and let me know your views and how many of you join me as a Bathroom Singer!!😂
Thanks Guys!!


The Scholarship:Episode 1

While the world was musing over the newly elected leaders, and political debates, currency change overs, the little boy kishu was trying hard to figure out the essential concepts of Arithmetic from his newly bought book. 

After his working hours in the restaurant, he used to sit at the fireplace and tried hard to learn what it required to be called as ‘BIG’ tomorrow!

“And It’s Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States”, the  anchor on the television proclaimed as kishu completed his third exercise.

“So, chachaji how is the president elected?”, asked kishu, out of curiosity.

There had been enough of buzz about the elections going on in the USA, and obviously the young mind was like a sponge,ready to absorb whatever was flowing around.

“Kyu tujhe banna hai kya President( Why, you want to be the president?)”, mocked Jambal, the head cook of Chacha’s Restaurant.

Kishu said nothing and walked out of the room. 

Chachaji asked Jambal to shut up and continue with his work, instead of mocking Kishu. He went outside,patted Kishu on his shoulders and said,” So, do you want to know how the US President is elected?”

Kishu smiled and listened attentively as Chachaji satiated his curiosity by explaining him the entire process of election.

The night was calm, the stars twinkled with all their might, cool winds blew past the sand dunes, the wolf echoed in the silence, the bonfire near the restaurant ensured that no animals came nearby.

“……..and hence the president is elected”, concluded Chachaji.

“Wow! I also want to become the president when I grow up, will I be able to do so?”, asked a puzzled but curious Kishu.

“Yes! Definitely. But initially you have to work hard and concentrate on your studies, things will turn up step by step”, Chachaji said tamping his back.

Kishu smiled and said,”Yes! I will do it..”

(to be continued……..)

Hello guys! Thanks for reading the first part of ‘The Scholarship’ series.

An inspirational journey of small village boy, who dreams to become an able administrator and be what they call it as ‘BIG’!

Please let me know your views and suggestions!

And if you wish to be a part of this series please leave your email id/Instagram id in the comment section or message me directly on Instagram



Five long term actions for controlling air pollution in Delhi

Footsteps towards something better!!👍

Scribble and Scrawl

By Somali K Chakrabarti

China will trap its smog and turn them into diamonds. 

– World Economic Forum 

As bizarre as it sounds, this video posted by the World Economic Forum (WEF) on their Facebook page claims that China will tackle Beijing’s air pollution problem by turning the carbon from smog particles into a diamonds.

If at all such a technology is practically and economically feasible then maybe it is time for our Delhi government to explore the possibility of use of such a Technology, the pollution levels in Delhi being at its highest and one of the worst in the world.


While the schools remain shut for three days, all constructions and demolitions have been banned for five days, as usual the center and the state government are busy leveling charges against each other as to who is to be blamed for the smog that shrouds Delhi. Whereas Delhi govt sites crop…

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तुम अगर साथ हो…..

तुम अगर साथ हो तो मेरे विश्वास मे बल है,

तुम अगर साथ हो मेरी ज़िन्दगी मे मकसद है,

तुम अगर साथ हो तो मेरे कल्पनाओं मे उड़ान है,

तुम अगर साथ हो तो मेरे भावनाओं में एहसास है,

तुम अगर साथ हो तो हर ग़म में प्रोत्साहन है,

तुम अगर साथ हो तो हर खुशी में एक नया विश्वास है,

तुम अगर साथ हो तो हम हैं, 

तुम अगर साथ हो तो हमारी दुनिया है।

                                     – विवेक वत्सल


I don’t know what they call it, But my Heart says it’s Forever!


The day I saw you,
I instantly fell in love,
However, someone made me realise, Oh! It was not love, The mortal people called it ‘Crush’.

Although it came all over my mind, and I began thinking about you, Not just day and night, on the streets, in the market, among friends, among colleagues; I randomly jerked off the feeling,”Oh! Just a crush!”

However hard I tried to convince, my heart literally said something else.
It pounded Hard, pumping more blood, as your thoughts occupied my mind.

I could not say what I felt like,
For it had never happened before,
For the feelings were not usual,
For it was something beyond what people called ‘crush’;
Probably It was love? I really dont know.

For I smiled, everytime you laughed at my jokes,

For I wept, when you got emotional,

For I strengthened myself, when you needed someone to rest upon,

For I believed that, yes! There was something between us, There is something between us, and it shall be forever!


It may not matter to you, but it matters to them!


This fb post tells more than what I can explain to you! Time to Ponder!
I have little to say, but for sure, to muse over!


The school bus!!😊😣🍕😇☺😕🙋😀😊👍

Image source: clipartbro.com

Amidst the cacophony and honkings,

A yellow bus seemed to emerge before my eyes,

It seemed so familiar, it seemed still so close to the heart,

The moments of solace spent there, 

The journey of life learnt there,

We learned to live, we learned to play,

We learned to convert random topics to a full length newsroom debate,

We learned about ourselves and our fate,

That moments of Singing songs

That moments of Dancing on the school trip,

That moments of comfortable cozy atmosphere in winters,

Those cool gusts of breeze in the summers,

And a lot of memories,

Some refreshing, some painful,

Some emotions stained, some words still retained,

Small moments of Love, and small moments of misunderstandings,

Some spectacular smiles, some beautiful people,

Those I shall never forget, those I never WANT to forget!!