One Lovely Blog Award!! : Thank You

It feels Awesome to have this ‘lovely’ award (as the name suggests), bestowed upon IncrediblePie by Utkarshini Khanna, who herself is an awesome food blogger, and her dishes will definitely ensure you some more cravings, every time your eyes scan them.Particularly, one of my favourites :Quick Pizza Muffins. These are simply awesome!!

Thank you so much!! for this recognition. It means a lot! I specially loved the way you’ve described my blog!

Have a look guys on an excerpt from Utakarshini’s Last blog post:




7 Things about myself, well that seems to be a huge task, because it’s human nature that we always talk about others and speak out our hearts to them, but we rarely do this with ourselves!!( Ohh!! Let me not go so deep!!)

Here are 7 Things:

  1. I am Vivek Vatsal,a recently graduated Civil Engineer by profession and IncrediblePie being a delicate part of my soul. I currently live in Delhi and my roots being in Bhagalpur,Bihar.
  2. I have been part of three great institutions( 2 of my Schools and My College) which have significantly helped me to be what I am today! (Okay! I may not be that great,but honestly, I feel like everyone owes his present state of existence to minimum of three : GOD, One’s Family, and The Academic Family(Educational Institutions))
  3. I owe my writing interests to my Siblings, who have taught me,not just the essentials of writing but also to observe,Imagine and express the feelings in words.
  4. I am a foodie and love feasting on new dishes, the best dish being Paneer-Do-Pyaza made by my Mumma. Also, I am a big fan of Kathi Rolls!
  5. As, far as the tv shows are concerned, I am a big fan of MegaStructures : A National Geographic show and Man Vs. Wild,Bear Grylls. Rest of the stuff, I like to watch them on my phone!!(Don’t get me wrong! I just meant the YouTube videos!! :))
  6. IncrediblePie started off as a hobby, similar to other blogs! Over the time, I realised that It’s a very powerful way to communicate your thoughts and present them in an articulated manner. Also, I got exposure to numerous people across the globe, most o them seriously dedicated to making a co-operative blogosphere. I would like to thank all of them for being an inseparable part of my life.
  7. Last, but not the least. I post lot of ‘advice like’ and posts, which doesn’t mean I have followed all of them or I don’t need them any more, but I just bring out my  feelings and observation, with a single point agenda that MAY MY POST HELP SOMEONE ACROSS THE GLOBE, I SHALL BE REALLY DELIGHTED!

Enough about me! Now the nominations:

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  • Post these rules again.

P.S :You are not in any way obligated to accept, and I fully understand that not everyone has the time and inclination to participate in these self-and-others-promoting exercises. Therefore, I will truly appreciate if you accept the nomination, as I sincerely think you deserve it, but I won’t get offended if you don’t. Nominating each one of you is my way of giving credit to some exceptional bloggers and perhaps attracting attention to your work!

Thank you Guys!!!

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Stay Tuned!



Dreams may be far away from reality, But make sure you have enough of these to outline your path to the acme of Success.

Every reality today, was once a dream!


Mission Accomplished!

“Dreams are seen by many, thought of by some, worked  of for, by few and achieved by even few people” .


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Kudos!You are one among them, who have dared to dream big and have achieved a significant milestone on the way to your dreams.

Congratulations are in order for everyone of you who have either graduated or are going to graduate this Summer. This marks the successful efforts of every drop of sweat that were put in to achieve something that you dreamt of. Assignments, Journals, Presentations, Semester exams all have finally converged to bestow upon you the fruits of your labour.

Blessings, Prayers , and Good Wishes by your parents and loved ones have played their part efficiently in the germination of your dream. Cumulative of all the hard work put in, curtailing all your pleasures , sacrifices of your family distant from you, and whatever you may think of has directly or indirectly been instrumental in achieving this feat.

Coming from diverse group of culture, traditions, ethnicity; you adapted in all ups and downs during the study, amalgamated thoughts, experiences and ideas to develop the requisite bond to unravel the intricacies of knowledge and resources. The various potentials you unleashed out of yourself, will add to your encyclopedia of Talents and will be instrumental to make you reach closer to your dreams.

Your Alma mater has nurtured you into prominent and accomplished leaders of the world, now its your turn to shape the world in its better form.

Corridors, auditorium, open air theatre, walkways,Cafetaria and your personal favourite spots, yeah! You’re going to miss them all.Friends, and colleagues who supported and motivated your soul during this learning journey, will always be close to your hear.Encouragements and high fives, gigglings and Educational tours, thought processes and Inception of new ideas, shall always remain an integral part of your life. Different corners of world await you, let your knowledge brighten the world some more.

Discover the most out of yourself, utilise your talents, impliment your ideas, unleash new platforms to project your knowledge and gross new heights of success, achieve the acme of achievements and aspirations and obviously make the world a better place to live in.

All the Best! May Almighty Help each one of us to make the world even more beautiful in our little ways.


So you think you can define LIFE!

Life rolls adjacent to nook and corners of the world, tumbling over the stones of love and hatred, joy and sorrow, peace and abhorrence, tears of happiness and frustrations and anguish.

Every day we join the rat race with almost the same motive, or we perhaps have no time for ourselves! we run, we jump, we board the trains, we talk formally to people, we accept the humiliations, we see people laugh and enjoy, we see people frown over their abandoned ideas, we see people abate their expressions over abducted positions, things mould up differently at different times.Many a times, they are Not in your favour, Many a times they are!

Noise, dust , traffic, cacophony of people busy humming their everyday thoughts,discussions,ideas,opportunities, ups and downs , love and disgust, and they are probably so lost that they’re unable to find themselves in the crowd, A trail of people seem to crawl on the roads, busy dreaming, realising their potentials , overcoming their weaknesses, generating new ideas, meeting new people, some for the sake of love of their work and some for their own Love!

Life doesn’t stop you from taking attempts, neither does it stop you from marching forward each day, All it does is to  BE WITH YOU always.Although the acme of life is unknown , but to achieve and learn new things everyday, and Thanking Almighty for your present state of being  praising  yourself for today and motivating yourself for tomorrow,before going to bed, is what can be termed SUCCESS.

Smile with Life, and Life will smile with you.