How to convert your ‘Pseudo Admirers’ to ‘fans’ on WordPress?

CAUTION: DON’T READ THIS POST IF YOU CANNOT AFFORD 60 Seconds From your busy lives! I will be more than happy if you do so later but read it till the end! 

So, welcome on board!! Obviously you’re not the only blogger facing this. There are many! and they include a lot of well established bloggers too.

I know it sucks when you compose a beautiful post yet no one likes it because they ‘actually’ like it. Many people  set  themselves into ‘click like robots’ and go on scrolling the page and the ‘like star’ glows up automatically!

So without wasting much of your precious time( which you shall devote to your future articles), I list the following tools which strike really hard:

  • Tell them what exactly do you want.( For eg. Write such a post(as this one) to make them understand, that no matter how crisp post you compose but It definitely takes hell lot of Energy and Organisation of Thoughts that you require to put in!) 
  • Make them feel guilty about their deeds using a simple principle ‘TREAT OTHERS AS YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED!’.( Practically by reading all their posts and supplementing them with likes and catchy comments!)
  • Be with them: Make them understand that in the sea of unknowns and infinite emotions, its their followers who will stand by them( No matter how ‘down to Earth’ your posts are! ) and to be aware of such ‘PSEUDO FOLLOWERS’.
  • By making them understand the principle of Karma.( You just need to mention this and you’re done! You need not say anything more, they are clever enough to understand Karma!)
  • By bestowing enough love on them on every post!( Everyone likes to be praised right? and you actually love the one who Loves you too!)
  • By making them understand that we all are on this platform for specific reasons(Exclusive for each one of us). Be it expressing our heart out, Getting associated with new people and their thoughts, Learn from the experiences of the people across the globe or randomly a sheer display of emotions and writing skills; the known fact is that we all write on WordPress and share it with the world.
  • By criticizing them positively so that they could benefit directly or indirectly from your efforts.   
  • By giving proper respect to each others’ efforts.(I know if you may not have time to read long posts, but you must consider them for reading later and only then should you express your views on the same!)

I guess that’s enough for today! Try It! and Please do spread the word! If any blogger benefits out of it, It shall be a great moment of success for the entire wordpress community.

Thanks for giving your precious time!


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7 must have contents on your WordPress Blog!!

Imagine the day when you launched your blog. You were popping with ideas, expressions, emotions and above all Truckloads of Imagination.

You supplied a suitable title, a catchy tagline and organised you ideas on to real time content on your blog. You went through lot of sites and successful blogs to figure out what strategies they follow.

Okay, now fast forward..

You’re here. Six months have passed. You’ve got decent number of followers, Convincing stats, but somewhere down at the bottom, you are pricked that where to bring the next content from! Should it be a poetry, a story or some quotes!

Now, this is where my post comes to your rescue. Even if you are a beginner, you can catch hold of the keypoints quickly!

So have a look:

  1. Quotes: These are compressed form of your ideas, that are well to do with the viewers. The world is too fast paced these days. They want quality content in minimum time. So, if you haven’t included a quote category on your blog, do it Now!
  2. Story: Writing a story is much more difficult than telling it.So, if you have any fiction or real tales popping up ib your mind, make sure you write them in way that literally tells the story to the audience. They may not feel like reading it. They should feel like the story is kind of conversation between the characters and the audience.
  3. Vlog: Video posts launched on several video hosting sites, more specifically YouTube, has gained immense popularity within a short span. It helps you to communicate better!
  4. Real Life experiences: The audience connects with you better, if you share at least one of your experiences,daily. They feel as if they’re a part of you. It builds relationships.
  5. Travelogue: This doesn’t really mean, you have to pack your bags and leave for an excursion. No! All you need is to make the people visit the places,you have visited, through your words. You may not really need to upload real pictures, you can also embed them.
  6. Picture Gallery: It is probably the best way to showcase your WordPress journey till now. It makes your audience more connected to your blog, emotionally as well as psychologically.
  7. Interview or A Talk with fellow bloggers:  Everyone wants to be famous and respected. If you give a small token of respect by inviting your fellow bloggers to tell their story on your blog, it can create lot of buzz on your blog.

So guys, please share your take on this!!

Hope you liked and would implement the same, as soon as possible.


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Share it. Really??

Talking and sharing experiences is something that has been lost over the time into the dreary deserts of Loneliness, Self Confinement and Exclusive Technology of the kind of ‘Personal’ technologies.

People find it better to share their experiences on blogs and social networks rather than discussing it among themselves. Technology driven friendship has grown to such an extend that today Facebook reminds us ‘Okay! It’s your friend’s birthday today! Plan something great!’. Yet, do we really plan? No we don’t.

Rather, we google search for a beautiful ‘Happy Birthday Greetings’ poster and copy and paste the same on to the walls of our friends. And mind it, you do this to the friend who is CURRENTLY associated with you. What about other friends, with whom the only thread of friendship is on Facebook! Ohh! We don’t even give a damn about them. Who cares to visit the wall even!!

Why has this happened?

Because we have stopped talking and started surfing more often. And It doesn’t mean I am an exception to this. Not at all! I even do the same. Probably the people mould you in a way you don’t want to, but ultimately they win in doing so. 

Can we loose like this to ourselves?

No we should not!

We must at least try to improve upon and keep a balance between the real and the Virtual world.

For there are so many friends when you are online,

But once you switch off the data, No friend exists beside you!!

Okay if you haven’t just scrolled it all along, let me know your views on this!

More Importantly spread the word not just in the virtual world but also in the real world. Talk to people, tell them why everyone today is so stressed out that he/she talks or scribbles his/her thoughts only with Phone or a diary. Why not discuss it with your Parents, siblings and Friends who are actually there in your lives. You may not need to find them in clouds storages!!


The ‘Samosa’ story!

You observe a lot of people during travels, not just from your open eyes but also from the eyes and ears of your subconscious mind. And believe it or not, but it stays somewhere etched in your mind for a longtime provided it’s something unique and draws your attention instantly.

A similar instance, I tell you here.

I was on a visit to a nearby slum area for collecting soil samples for our Experiment. A Slum Rehabilitation project is the underlying reason.

So, it was a moderate day with bits and pieces of clouds giving symptoms of the upcoming rain. We had to be quick enough as the soil sample had be in dry state. Our team was constantly busy with the work. Once my work was done, I thought of clicking some pictures of the nearby locality for the project.

I strolled in the locality and observed something that got me drained with emotions. There was a little ,dusky girl in not so clean clothes trying to put off the accumulated water on the thatched room of their dilapidated hutment. 

Once she was done with the work,she descended from the roof and noticed her Father coming along with a packet of paper wrapped stuff. As the man entered their not so defined entrance, the girl ran and jumped into her father’s hands.The man held her girl high and revolved her around himself.

Following this, the little girl brought a steel plate and placed the stuff brought by her Father. It was Samosa( An Indian Snack!) Three in number and red and a green sauce accompanied it.

Source: via Google Images

The girl, her Father and her Mother sat down on the ground and guess what before they could start eating, the little girl grabbed two small pieces of the snack dipped it in the Red sauce and landed each of the two pieces respectively in her Father’s and her Mother’s lips. 

That moment was no less than a heavenly scene. The family was so happy, so contented, so innocent and rejoiced at the smallest of the small moments. Touch wood, but Their smiles are much more original than the fake smiles that are generally observed these days. They had that charm,that innocence and the feeling of bliss!!

May God Bless them and preserve their smile.


7 Essentials for making your WordPress blog look Awesome! 

Looks matter!

Imagine you are on a journey, and you suddenly notice a beautiful girl and you get attracted to her. Rest is history.


Have you ever wondered what was the factor that attracted you to the girl?

Probably, Her looks would be the first answer.

Similar is the case with Blogs.

A Blog attracts the people primarily owing to its looks. Okay! You may disagree here. 

You may also argue that ‘Content is what matters the max.’ I agree with this completely. In addition I would say ‘Quality Content is what matters!’

I will clarify that!

Imagine(Oh! You dont need to, because you will probably walk to a Burger Joint after reading this!)

So, You are on a Burger joint and the beautiful saleswoman gives you a pamphlet of the Menu. Your eyeballs quickly look for the ‘Best Looking Burger'(Mind you, the Looks!) And then,you  taste it.

So, you see and then taste the Burger that appealed to you!

Similar, is the case with Blogs!

You read the content(expect few who give priority to content and read the same first) and then you actually read the content after it attracts your attention and appeals to you relatively more than others.

Now, I hope you’re convinced enough to go for it! Yes! Then let’s go for it.

  • Choose a suitable theme as per the genre of your blog. If your blog has multiple niches you can go for the maximum used niche type or opt for a general theme that goes well with nearly all your posts.
  • Create a Gallery of the images in your blog preferably on the home page!
  • Organise the menu items, demarcating each with dedicated catchy Tagline!
  • Invest in high quality images (and make sure you credit the source! ) for every post that you publish!
  • Choose a Spectacular Background image by choosing the Customization options available in WordPress.
  • Use Photo cumText Images widely to reinforce your thoughts.
  • Whenever you post Quotes, make sure it carries a suitable image and not just a random one to attract the desired audience.
  • Interviews and Travel generally need to supplemented with lots of Images to make it look unique and Authentic.
  • Last but Not the Least, In the about section of your blog, please add a decent pic(captioned accordingly😎) of yours to help your readers know you more personally and Connect with your blog easily.

Hope this will make your blog appeal hotter and more Sexy than ever!! Hahaha☺

Bye!! Take Care.


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Unlike the last ‘thanks giving post‘,☺ I won’t consume much of your time.

Thank you for being there and supporting my expressions, words and Photographs. Why is it important for me to share this, is because I feel like the people who get connected with your words, you must value them as well.

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7 Essentials to make your efforts Effective

It’s nearly everyday story that you get up early in the morning, freshen up yourself and dedicate an hour of workout for maintaing a healthy body. You drain out enough of sweat and calories everyday to make sure it gets your body into a better shape.

That’s the effort part.

Now comes the effectiveness part!

Huh! I do hell lot of crunches everyday and I am not able to buid up my desired shape, except for it adds to numerous aches all over the body, all throughout the day!!!

Do you ever think like that? Yes, in fact we all do. As a greater matter of fact the same may be widely applied in our other works too.

So, the point to be crisply discussed is ‘How to make it more effective?’

(Crisply because you must be thinking, No one gets along with the efforts turning effective until we actually do it! So let me get the crisp out of it!)


  • Measure your target
  • Break up the target into small elements(Remember when you last downloaded a movie, it was rapid because it was actually download in several parts from different servers! Yeah the same concept applies here)
  • Plan your elements and what are the optimization tools you need to use to make the target more achievable.
  • Proceed confidently.( Belief in oneself is of utmost importance!)
  • Track your progress( This is the most important of all steps, because if you don’t do it, you gradually loose faith in your actions and that would be the worst part)
  • Praise your efforts every moment,if not at least every day!  You have marched one step more towards your target.
  • Learn from the stories around you(Probably, better to focus on characters, because you never know you may find someone like you!)

Bon voyage! All the Best!


Mobile wallet : an emerging necessity (A ‘must have’ for blog monetization on WordPress)

One of the most growing needs for a tech savvy these days is a safe and secure way to pay and receive online payments with the help of Mobile Wallet. In this post we’ll be answering all you will need to know about this essential Technology and how get your hand along with it.

The post intends to give answers to the following questions :


So, Now that you are curious enough, Lets proceed further :


   Its nothing new, but the same concept, though technologically equipped to do more.Its more of a built in wallet(or External Applications that you may download on your own) in your smartphone that lets you manage all your transactions in a few swipes and clicks! 



You can pay bills, swipe to purchase movie tickets, transfer amounts, add finances to your personalized accounts, receive online payments(from Ads or affiliates), make online purchases on e-commerce sites such as Amazon,Flipkart,AliBaba, ebay etc, or during in store payments.


Over the last few years, with a Rapid growth of perfect competition market of the banks, All of them nearly try to grab your eyeballs with lucrative interest rates, online transaction reward and loyalty points and in this mess you end up holding a bunch of Cash Cards, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Forex  Exchange Cards and many more. That swells up your wallet like anything and you are fed up enough to look for some technology aided alternative to it. A MOBILE WALLET comes here to your rescue.


Two technologies reinforce the foundation of this ever growing need. 

  • Near Field Communication(NFC) Technology
  • In store apps(like in Apple’s Store, Google Play Store and Microsoft store)

You may encounter thousands of articles explaining these technology, However if you’re interested more in ‘Eating the fruits’ and ‘Not counting the trees’, you may skip this for a later point of time.

Loosely, Its something like shown below




  • Hassle free payments in store or at online e-commerce sites
  • More safe and secure(Your bank will take care of this)
  • Makes your wallet more concise and light weight.
  • May act as your forex card across the globe( Like a global Currency)
  • Online connectivity ensures you get a 24 by 7 service, round the year


  • You may be at times subjected to online frauds( So, choose your bank wisely)
  • Its an emerging technology so you may have to adapt it in your lives accordingly.

6. OVERALL TECHNOLOGY RATING(OTR): Out of 5 Stars(*****)

       3 Stars(***)

the other two stars are in fact variable depending upon the client and the platform in addition to ensuring secure transactions






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