#BeyondMidnight 1

The portion of Earth shared by me is quiet. As I peep outside the window the moonlight filters through the glossy window pane which has droplets of evening rain still trying to find a way out to slide by.

The stars seem to be studded and busy in their low volume chats so that none on the Earth is disturbed, for they may be diving deep into their world of dreams and imaginations. The ceiling fan is continuously working to keep me cool. One blade followed by the second and the third,in quick successions!

Some dogs outside sound to indulge in their mutual conversations. A vehicle moved past the house with high velocity splashing away the rainwater. My thoughts seem to find no bounds, but that somewhere on the other half of the Earth people would be On! 

And so I say All The Best to them and Good Night to all the people on my part!!


#MissionGreen 1

Not everyday you get to stand in vicinity to a ‘Heat radiating’ air conditioned car!

Because you are probably inside the car, enjoying the music and the cool artificial atmosphere created by the air conditioner! Pssss…. “So what everyone does that!!! “You may think.

Okay! I understand.

 Do one thing, turn on the air conditioner of your car, wait for few minutes inside and then deboard from your car but remain in close vicinity to it.Within a minute or two, I guess, your skin starts getting a burning sensation.You feel like suffocating in the air. Within five more minutes, you will not be able to handle it any more.

Does it? In my case,it did! 

So, what is to ponder over!

The overutilisation of Air Conditioners should be avoided.

Why? Need I tell you about, the same which you’ve learning since fifth grade. The Environment, obviously.

Greenhouse gases have already been creating havoc for the past few decades.Our scientists had already discovered a lot about the causes and harms of the gases like CFCs(Chlorofluorocarbons), Carbon Dioxide, freon and many of them. You can google for more info, of course.

So, are you convinced? 

Well, we have no other option buddy! You will have to get convinced as well as try to convince others too. For No characters from Avengers would come to avenge the world, except YOU!

There are so many ways you can help out your Mother Nature. There are multiple organizations dedicated to this cause, the only thing you’ve to do is to Wake up now!

Will you? I guess you will.

A Small Request for a Big Cause!

 Try to pen down a post or two to make people aware that they need to act now. I know it will take some time, but can’t you find your Pokemon few minutes later!!☺



A big expectation from Humans is that they should try and consider others as human too!! Now, this expectation stands true until you’re betrayed by the same humans! 

So,I guess a better thought will be to consider them as humans who consider us as themselves!! Give it a thought!

 A pretty interesting quote in this regard is 

Treat others as you would like to be treated!!

Rants have started off again!!☺ Dont worry someday you’ll be doing the same!Hahaha😊☺


Keep trying!

Are you confident?

Are you Over Confident?

Are you passionate?

Are you overAmbitious?

No, you wont be able to classify yourself. If You are able to do so, you dont need to read this post further. You’re on the Right track!!

For all those who continued, You dont have to worry! I am one among you! Pssss…how can I advice you then!

No I am not gonna burden you with truckload of advices;

I just need you to ask yourself a question,

Can you do anything that you think is really tough? Say you wish to encash dollars out of your blog and you’re a starter as of now. Can you?

Two answers:

1). Yeah!! I can do anything. I can do it on my own.I dont need anybody’s help. :::::::This is Overconfidence and being Over Ambitious.

2). Yeah!! I can do it. Its tough but somehow, I will try and manage it. I will learn and make it someday!::::::This is Confidence and Being Passionate.

After all in the movie ‘Sharabi’ Amitabh Bachchan says

Koshishey aksar kaamyaab hoti hai,

Waade aksar toot jaate hain.


Your trials generally comes out to be fruitful,

But Promises may turn out to be broken!

So keep trying! One day we’ll definitely reach our goals! Probably, Simultaneously!


Thanks guys!

I logged on to WordPress and it said “You’ve got 100 Followers”. I looked up and said Thank You God! It means a lot to me!

Now, this moment was indeed a big one for a guy who randomly launched his blog a year ago, posted 22 posts on a single day and few days later all of it drowned away like anything! For few months, He was unable to get his nose above the water, but somehow six months later he tried once more.And never stopped! 

He felt that people try to pull off motivation and inspiration, but somewhere down their own lives its these which help them from getting their lives above sunken ditches! And he tried to desseminate his thoughts into the world. The people supported him and helped to get his esteem back!

And this is where ‘Incredible Pie ‘ stands today!  I know, its a bit exaggerated, but it is as it is to me. Thank you once again for supporting me and making me learn a lot more about life, people and thoughts !☺☺☺

Yours for life! 

#Incredible Pie

InstaTale 3

While traveling in Public transport you may come across a lot of experiences, thoughts and conversations, obviously  your ears need to be off the headphones and your mind,off the virtual world!

So, there were two women much experienced in their respective lives as their grey hairs suggested. Chitchatting about their respective lives, one of the woman was continuously dominating over the other(who appeared to be bit elder) and probably her words looked down upon the other. There was a smell of ‘superiority complex’ ,in her words with the seasonings of ‘Brands’, ‘Over the top attitude’ ‘Larger than life knowledge about various aspects of what reaveals one’s status’ ,’ Catchy cosmetic brands’, ‘ Brand Value of her son’ and ‘Fashion quotients of her Daughter’.

While the other woman appreciated her words, she smiled at her more often to make her feel proud of her achievements. The talkative women seemed to ridicule the elder women about her being a ‘homemaker’ and not a career oriented woman. But the elder women kept calm.

Their deboarding point arrived, both of them bade goodbye. The elder women replied at last, “Many a times, the career of a woman is her own child’s life. If she makes it meaningful, that’s equivalent an achievement to her own career”.

We must not ridicule anyone for not being what we are! Everyone is successful in their own way.

Mothers are successful, the very day they bring a new life into the world. They need not prove their career growth to anyone!

Afterall,Success is not just being successful, but also upholding the dignity of Success!