Sometimes we are so engrossed in our works that we don’t even realize what is happening in our vicinity.

We concentrate and make ourselves too occupied to give a damn to the people or places or activities beside us. Thinkers have claimed that when you deeply involve in some work, your brain stops responding to other external stimuli. The nerve impulses do travel a long way from our sensory organs to our mind and ask the brain for instructions. When the brain gives no instruction, other sense organs remain in a temporary state of pause. Once your work is done and your brains starts radiating instructions, the world resumes just as if you had paused the movie of the life and then pressed the resume button.

The sensations start erupting and we respond to other stimuli beside us.

 And the beautiful girl beside us who had been sounding ‘ Excuse me!May I get a seat please’ for so long, actually becomes audible to us and she gives no damn to understand that such a complex theory is involved in the Non responsiveness of the people engrossed in playing ‘Candy Crush’ ‘ PokemonGo’ or ‘ Clash of Clans’. They just doesn’t understand!!!


Delhi Nights

Shimmering Lights, Glittering Highways, Cool Blowing breeze, The infinite sequence of Vehicles give the appearance of Colourful series Bulbs,
The honking of the vehicles sound like trumpet music in the parade,
The Dedicated and Ever Punctual,The Life Line of Delhi, Metro Trains sprinting across the Length and Width of the City,
The 24×7 Alive Skyscrapers and Corporate Buildings,
The people of varying shades,On one hand people are drenched with sweat,tired and pining for Rest whereas on the other, You can see Adrenaline Charged people, With Confidence in their talks and  re-Energized Spirits,strong Enough to carry the Work Even when the world is asleep,
Pubs and Discs occupied by the Youth,who consider that “Even if its 4 in the morning its not Late”, and That says “4 baj gaye par party av baaki hai”
The Insomania and the thurst for Knowledge is even witnessed in Hubs of Education,to name a few,Kalu Sarai,Punjabi Bagh,Mukherjee Nagar,Laxmi Nagar and Many more hidden corners of the City,where Even the Night is kindled by the Dazzling Candle of Competition and Dreams.

The City is beyond the Description in words,
The City never Sleeps,
Its Just because,
“YEH DILLI HAI MERE YAAR “(Cos Its Delhi Buddy!!)