Not just kids!!☺

We can learn so much from Children. The kids, not just today, they have been acting smart since ages and in a way they actually are smarter than the Adults! Don’t believe me, just talk to any kid in your domain and you shall not be surprised when you frame the same opinion, as I do.

The way they approach the things, is probably the same, any Soft skills orator and Motivational Speaker would tell you to follow up, Confident and Enthusiastically. 

The zeal they show for learning new things is unparalleled. Afterall, when you were a child, you did the same.

 Just drive down the memory lane and you can find a lot of answers that you are in need of at the present moment.

Just try to learn something good from the Children. Believe me, they are one of the best Teachers!! 

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Live life like a Child, and I am not ‘preaching’ that!!

Its been a trend over the years to make people understand how to live life. People have been posting their enjoyable moments over social network, and I am not at all an exception to this. 

Yeah, I do enjoy a boat ride, trekking, bungee Jumping, Skydiving, Paragliding, and Musing on white snowy mountains.

I seriously feel too attracted to River Rafting, Underwater scuba diving and Deep sea exploration, but that doesn’t mean I have to get it done how the other people want me to. Confused? Okay, close your eyes and imagine,how did you eat when you were a three year old kid. Like getting it on your spoon, and then try hard to carry that to the mouth but still you ended up spreading all the chocolate cake on your face. But did you really care about what your other relatives or friends(though you didn’t have many at that time😉), or even the ‘Cultured’ people sitting on the adjacent table, pretending to ‘eat’, and not ‘enjoy’ the food. 

However,you enjoyed it to the fullest. Right? Oh!! That face, can you forget, chocolate spread all over your face and you are letting it melt in your mouth with your eyes closed.


Neither can I, nor others can make you live your life. If you live your life as others want you to, you simply aren’t doing it right. Of course you can get inspired, learn things but the ultimate fact is ‘To Do It in Your Own Way’.

Jump like you never did, Sing with your highest pitch, Run around freely, experience the cool breeze with your arms open, make faces like the kids do, enjoying every moment like ………like yourself!! You don’t need to be like others, Do you?



Budding spirits, radiating energy, Rejuvenated imaginations;

A child posses much, All of it depends on you perceive him/her;

Creativity in every action, Motivation full up to the brim,

A genious mind is on the way to its Mystical journey,

Creating, achieving and learning, enthusiasm paves way for new discoveries,

Someone has righty said Child is the Father of the Man!