We all want to make our lives successful and hence we try to opt for sophistication as the baby steps to success. So, what’s wrong in that?

No there’s nothing wrong , except for the fact that Sophistication should be limited to the level that doesn’t hamper our own lives.

Perhaps, we need a level of sophistication that doesn’t not perplex our own lives.

For eg. People may brag about a lot of things on social media most probably how sophisticated they’ve become over the time.

And we get affected positively as well as negatively. Its Natural for any person to do that.

But should we let our present lives affected by the same? I guess No.

Often People have, what it requires for a decent living and yet they assume that they are outshun by others. 

In a nutshell, we must not be affected negatively by the sophistication of others! Its tough, but at least we can try!!