The divine dialogue

As soon as I turned on my Data services,several messages popped up on the notification bar.

Among all these notifications was a motion video.

The video started with a man saying that he had a dream wherein Almighty God appeared to him very sad and gloomy.

He asked God, ” You look sad, may I please know why is it so? “
God said, ” Probably, you are the one of the reasons for this “
He said, ” That is strange but how is it possible. Everyone reveres you the most on Earth.”

God Said, ” Whenever you face any troubles you blame me, that God has sent down problems because He is angry,

whenever a beggar is facing troubles aside the road, He blames me that I have given him such a life,

Whenever a Woman feels that her daughter-in-law does not respect or follows her, she blames me,

If students do not get their expected marks irrespective of analysing his/her potentials, they blame me.

If son/daughter do not look after their parents, the parents blame me instead of analysing the real reasons underlying it.
Whenever you face any health issues due to your neglegencies towards your body, you blame me that I have done something to make you suffer

Whenever a boy and a girl break apart, they blame me instead of analysing on what were the reasons reponsible for the same, without considering that they did not pay respect to their mutual relationship

Whenever people massacre themselves, on communal lines, people blame the religion and in a way they  blame me

In their happiness few people remember me or share their successes with me, however every sort of mishappening and failure is directly and allegedly related to me.

Am I worthy of this behaviour from my children?
Whome I created with my own hands,crafted their world,gave them a beautiful,pollution free world without any hatred, or disparity among individuals, I gave you mind so that you may utilise it judiciously for the welfare of the society, I am always with you in your happiness and sorrows, in your ups and down , good or bad,
even when no one is with you, I stand by you every time…………”
His speech was interrupted by the accumulation of tears in His eyes. His voice grew damp, eyes were swollen and red, He sobbed like a child.

The man came to Almighty, wiped out his tears, hugged Him gently and said “Dont Cry. How can God cry! “

The man continued,” We are so mean. we always thought whenever we are in some problem, we are sad, we blame you like anything, few people thank you, fewer people thank you sincerely , even fewer people owe their success to you, but We had always been told that you are like our parents, we never knew that someday our atttocities will be magnified to such an extent as to bring tears to your eyes.
We never knew if we are part of you, you too are an integral part of us, not in a superficial way, but an inseparable part of us.

We  never knew If a creature is incomplete without his God,
God too is incomplete without the true love of his creations!

We will try and strive every bit of us to make you believe that we love you, we love your creations,we love your world.

You are our past present and future.


Now c’mon cheer up!
C’mon smile now, dont be angry This anger does not suit you.”

Almighty Smiled.

Tears rolled down my cheek for no reason known. The feeling cannot be explained in words.

I just promised to my self looking towards the heavens ” I will keep YOU smiling “