Under the Canopy of Stars..

And the little boy lay down on the cold grass of the Garden, 

Under the canopy of stars, sandwiched between the blanket of chilled winds and fog,

The people came and went by, but his dreams continued… Someday, he would be a little closer to the skies, 

Someday he would carry our a conversation with his favourite stars up above the world…

Someday,he would be what people call as BIG,

but he won’t skip any moment of laying down on the grass,

he won’t skip any moment of fantascising yet another dream,

Under the canopy of stars…..




If you see it in your mind, you can see it infront of your eyes one day! 

Work! And Work! But yes, support your body as well as it will support you even when you have seen it infront of your eyes!😊🙏




Dreams may be far away from reality, But make sure you have enough of these to outline your path to the acme of Success.

Every reality today, was once a dream!


Following dreams??


Its really easy to say, “Follow your dreams” , but to actually transform the saying into reality is definitely not a cakewalk!
One has to struggle hard to traverse across the sea of odds, waves of pessimism, and all sorts of danger that may even subject the person’s life at stake.

Think about a random kid, who has no issues with his world, he is carefree, surrounded by his utmost desires, he roams about freely in the ground, he jumps , he sings, he dances, he does all sorts of crazy things, he is nowhere involved in the dillemma of life. He has his world of awesome friends,toys, chocolates and books. He has no compulsions, he has a free life.

The kid transforms into a teenager, he now understands the world better, he has feelings about the good and the bad, he dreams like anything, and the hilarious part is , all his dreams are already true when he looks at them,basically, there’s no ‘How? ‘ in his new world of dreams and desires.

He grows up some more, he gets graduated, he has his dreams in his mind, but its not the time that he could think about it properly, give full time emphasis on it, but he focuses more on earning bread for his family. You must be of the opinion, what if the dream of the person is exactly that will earn him bread too! OHH MANN!
I must tell you, its a myth for most of the dreamers, except for a few who dare and take weigh too much of risks to make it possible.

Once he earns, his life passes by, gradually stacking a pile of dust over his dream book.

What next, he becomes too involved in his new world once again, that he has no time to reconstruct his dreamy mind.

At certain age, when he finishes off his priorities and realizes, Have I lived up to my dreams! What was it , I wanted to do, but I could not!

Its a dramatic condition that arises out then, leaving the person spellbound by his imaginations. That day, may be a new begining for him, or it may be the last day of his dreams. He cannot make a choice then, but that he will himself be carried to a certain path, is definitely the thing that would happen to him.

So, shall i spoon feed you another quote about Life, success, dreams and bla bla blaa…Relax! I wont be doing that for I am no such established specialist in it! LOL!

I would rather say,rewind your life and zoom!
Can you see someone very familiar? They seem to be the ones who created you. They loved you, before anyone else did.

You can leave out the post once you feel like its weigh too much beyond idealism and loving your parents.

Thanks, all those continued with the post….
I will make you see something. Just close your eyes. Visualize the dreams of your parents, if not, just think about, what were the things they dreamt about but could not realize them. Just try to fulfill those. Your dreams will definitely find a way out of your parents’ dreams.

Someday, you will see them smile and that moment will be the best dream that you would have transformed into reality!

Keep Smiling, Keep Dreaming


Dreams Unleashed!

Looking towards the acme,
I feel myself uplifted to the Seventh skies as if Inspiration has become my wings to fly across the limitless canvas of Sky painted with the clouds and Amazing colours of the Rainbow.

Seeing the Birds flying together,giving their flock a beautiful pattern; I feel that someday, I too will be like a bird,enjoy every microsecond of my life,when I will traverse across the length and width of the mighty Universe.

Watching the fishes on the National Geographic Channel, I feel that,someday I will experience their Wonderful and Magnificent world,sailing across the oceans,swimming along with the fishes,as if i am one among them.

They say its a dream,
They say I am stupid,
They say Be Practical,Be Real,
They say What if u dreams are not fulfilled,

But……..Who Cares???
Be clear:
Dream more and Make your dreams, Your Destination,Your aim,Your Life,
Give it ,whatever it demands and you will make it Turn
into reality.


A Monologue with Life!


Pondering over my thoughts,in a monologue with Life, It says
” Follow me and You shall be led towards the world of Dreams”, “Hold all the Happiness , Hold all the Flowers of Glory and you shall be established on the Acme of Success.”
“I shall pave your path towards Living up your dreams”.

Dreams that were locked in the chains of Pessimism, the dreams that were piled up due to Lack of Confidence and Disbelief in myself, that were based on Countless emotions of Mind, Infinite capabilities of the Unconquered soul;
were all free now.

Free to Rejoice over each moment of Smile,
Free to Sing in a high pitched voice,
Free to Dance with Enthusiasm,
Free to make myself believe
“Yes It Is You, It is You “