You Are Because SHE is!

She is the source, She is the destination;

She creates life, and moulds many of them,

She absorbs the pain, radiates smiles, ensures Success,

She holds the tradition, emancipates Ruthless beliefs, 

She carries the torch to lead the society to the illuminated ideologies,

She accepts the atrocities inflicted upon her, but never does a word escapes her tongue,

She is born as a daughter, transforms into a daughter-in-law, becomes a Mother, then Mother-in-law, and then leaves the world, her world of creations, her world of Imagination

She is revered as Goddess in one corner, and tortured brutally in the same corner;

She is symbolised as the beholder of Luck and Wealth, yet people don’t  respect her,

She is in your Mother, She is in your Daughter, She is in your Sister, She is you as well,

Why can’t we say make her smile?

Why can’t we respect her feelings?

Why can’t we be her strength?

Why can’t we help them held her head high?

Why does she feel that ‘All Men Are the same’?

Why does she hesitate to love a man?

Why does she hesitate to be herself?

You exist, because She created you;

You become Father, because she creates your child,

You survive, because she supports you,

You progress, because she guides you to do so,

You achieve, because she develops you,


Before offering prayers to the Goddesses, thank the Women in your life, respect them and Ensure their smile.