#MissionGreen 1

Not everyday you get to stand in vicinity to a ‘Heat radiating’ air conditioned car!

Because you are probably inside the car, enjoying the music and the cool artificial atmosphere created by the air conditioner! Pssss…. “So what everyone does that!!! “You may think.

Okay! I understand.

 Do one thing, turn on the air conditioner of your car, wait for few minutes inside and then deboard from your car but remain in close vicinity to it.Within a minute or two, I guess, your skin starts getting a burning sensation.You feel like suffocating in the air. Within five more minutes, you will not be able to handle it any more.

Does it? In my case,it did! 

So, what is to ponder over!

The overutilisation of Air Conditioners should be avoided.

Why? Need I tell you about, the same which you’ve learning since fifth grade. The Environment, obviously.

Greenhouse gases have already been creating havoc for the past few decades.Our scientists had already discovered a lot about the causes and harms of the gases like CFCs(Chlorofluorocarbons), Carbon Dioxide, freon and many of them. You can google for more info, of course.

So, are you convinced? 

Well, we have no other option buddy! You will have to get convinced as well as try to convince others too. For No characters from Avengers would come to avenge the world, except YOU!

There are so many ways you can help out your Mother Nature. There are multiple organizations dedicated to this cause, the only thing you’ve to do is to Wake up now!

Will you? I guess you will.

A Small Request for a Big Cause!

 Try to pen down a post or two to make people aware that they need to act now. I know it will take some time, but can’t you find your Pokemon few minutes later!!☺