It was a warm day. The humidity added to the discomfort quotient.
I waited until the metro arrived at the platform. A little boy who was really excited to board the metro(probably,his first ride!), was constantly peeping to see if the metro has arrived or not and in doing so he was jumping the yellow safety line on the platform. I warned him and made him understand the usefulness of the safety line.

It was very noisy outside, cacophony of people, quarrels, loud shouts on the phone and non-stop honking owing to the traffic jam below the metro station.

The metro arrived. I boarded the train and luckily found a seat near the corner of the door. And it was cool,quiet and solace. 

Just a moment later, I found two guys standing beside my seat and were murmuring something about motivation. Naturally, I got attracted to what they had to say, but obviously I had to eavesdrop on them, as they talked in feeble voices(which generally the guys don’t do!)

‘bhaii! Motivation tabhi aayegi jab tere deo ki smell me pasine ke smell mix ho jayegii!'( Bro, your motivation quotient won’t be 100% until the aroma of your deo is enriched by the essence of perspiration!!)

Now that was something very big, that I could learn from random people!! Obviously! The words were heavy for me to include them into my memory.

So, that’s about the eavesdropping in silence!! Probably a valuable one!

Do share your views!! Eagerly waiting for them!