I don’t know what they call it, But my Heart says it’s Forever!


The day I saw you,
I instantly fell in love,
However, someone made me realise, Oh! It was not love, The mortal people called it ‘Crush’.

Although it came all over my mind, and I began thinking about you, Not just day and night, on the streets, in the market, among friends, among colleagues; I randomly jerked off the feeling,”Oh! Just a crush!”

However hard I tried to convince, my heart literally said something else.
It pounded Hard, pumping more blood, as your thoughts occupied my mind.

I could not say what I felt like,
For it had never happened before,
For the feelings were not usual,
For it was something beyond what people called ‘crush’;
Probably It was love? I really dont know.

For I smiled, everytime you laughed at my jokes,

For I wept, when you got emotional,

For I strengthened myself, when you needed someone to rest upon,

For I believed that, yes! There was something between us, There is something between us, and it shall be forever!


She Says !


She says,why am I not strong enough,to fight the people exploiting me?

She says,why am I not confident enough of my personality,even though I am well Educated and at par with the People around me?

She says, Is it necessary for me to expose off my body parts to win a beauty paegent,or to act in a movie,and that my talent has no role to play?

She says, Is it necessary that If i go to a pub,people assume me to be a slut?

She says, Why is that,Even if I am from an adorable family, I am not adored,unless i go ‘micro’ on my clothes?

Questions are Endless,but the bitter Truth is that No One Dares,to Answer!

Its Time to ponder over!


Random Love!

At Times we do care,

At Times we feel ourselves,

At times we feel others,better than ourselves.

Sometimes we try to owe it to “Others” ,not own them.

Sometimes we just say this :


“What is this, I am feeling ,
Y do u look so appealing
Its something childish, 
Its outta control ,  at least for me
maybe something u can’t see
I know its weird , more than it seems
We ; together, but only in my  dreams !!
How can we, be the couple ?
Our friendship will be in trouble !!
But Y can’t we try ; what if it doesn’t work
I will loose you , nd be another jerk !!
Dating someone else , is not an option
Its only u with whom that gonna happen !!
Loosing u as a frnd will tear me apart
Not being with u will break my heart !!
Confused I am , and I cnt explain !!
But Wen I see u, loose my brain !!
Can’t we be together forever we say
Remain friends, if it doesn’t work the other way !!
Let’s give it a try , I can’t force u !!
Atleast tell me what I shud  do ?
Wait for u or keep the one sided love ?
Or just be calm with the all time gf stuff !!
It kills me , hurts me , but I understand
What u need is different from what I am !!
We have a bonding !! Nd we care
We have trust !! Let’s make a pair !!
So much confusion !! Makes me crazy !!
I need u wid me !! but won’t loose u baby !!

Credits: Alok Yadav & His Pen Friend