Unseen mist in her eyes❤

Unseen mist in her eyes absorbed the emotions deep, 
Soaked in his love she forgot the moment, 

the moon waited for her,

 like every other night, but she forgot the world in his arms!!



I respect you, admire you, love you;

But you take that as Flattery!

It’s Not your fault! The people have made it so…

I just want to see you smile, even if the world names it flattery, I don’t give a damn!


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Moments rejuvenate as love grows warmer,

Passion generates impulses,

Love engulfs the aroma of feelings,

Thousands of emotions substantiate the spectacular instances,

Making it better as the distances minimize.



You didn’t know how to walk when you were a child, So? 

You gradually learned.

You didn’t know how to pronounce a word, So?

Now you know many of them.

You didn’t know how to solve arithmetic questions, so?

Now you offer the same questions to your students.

You didn’t know how to speak in public,so?

Now you can not only speak with command but you can convince people too.

You questioned to your teachers, or probably to yourself, so?

Now you impose question on others.

Your classmates bullied you, so?

Now no one can even dare to!

You were so caught into the phase between Adolescence and Adulthood, so?

Now you handle global relationships.

You didn’t know how to tell your heart to your crush,so?

Now people know him/her as your better half.

You thought if success is meant for you, so?

Now people ask you for your success mantra.

You still ponder have I achieved something in my life, so?

Now you have an answer to this!

Don’t forget to value yourself everyday.You are an amazing human being. Respect yourself. Keep yourself happy, before you can make others to do so!


She is the one!

She came, She touched and made me believe yes! She is the one;

She smiled, she rolled her curls and made me believe, beauty can’t be described better;

She loved, she kissed and made me believe that Passion can’t be explained better,

She was, she is and she will be mine,For She also knew, that I am the one!

No matter for others,she is not with me,  For me, We wake up in each other’s arms every day, we go to sleep in each other’s lap everyday!


The ‘Samosa’ story!

You observe a lot of people during travels, not just from your open eyes but also from the eyes and ears of your subconscious mind. And believe it or not, but it stays somewhere etched in your mind for a longtime provided it’s something unique and draws your attention instantly.

A similar instance, I tell you here.

I was on a visit to a nearby slum area for collecting soil samples for our Experiment. A Slum Rehabilitation project is the underlying reason.

So, it was a moderate day with bits and pieces of clouds giving symptoms of the upcoming rain. We had to be quick enough as the soil sample had be in dry state. Our team was constantly busy with the work. Once my work was done, I thought of clicking some pictures of the nearby locality for the project.

I strolled in the locality and observed something that got me drained with emotions. There was a little ,dusky girl in not so clean clothes trying to put off the accumulated water on the thatched room of their dilapidated hutment. 

Once she was done with the work,she descended from the roof and noticed her Father coming along with a packet of paper wrapped stuff. As the man entered their not so defined entrance, the girl ran and jumped into her father’s hands.The man held her girl high and revolved her around himself.

Following this, the little girl brought a steel plate and placed the stuff brought by her Father. It was Samosa( An Indian Snack!) Three in number and red and a green sauce accompanied it.

Source: farsan.co.uk via Google Images

The girl, her Father and her Mother sat down on the ground and guess what before they could start eating, the little girl grabbed two small pieces of the snack dipped it in the Red sauce and landed each of the two pieces respectively in her Father’s and her Mother’s lips. 

That moment was no less than a heavenly scene. The family was so happy, so contented, so innocent and rejoiced at the smallest of the small moments. Touch wood, but Their smiles are much more original than the fake smiles that are generally observed these days. They had that charm,that innocence and the feeling of bliss!!

May God Bless them and preserve their smile.


That ‘special’ feeling


Image source: http://www.pinterest.com via google images

Early morning as the first rays of the Sun filtered through the Green leaves of the trees, with each drop of bright morning dew that trickled through the partly dense canopy of the shady trees, and as the pearl like water droplets on the leaf blades of the little flowering plants shimmered in sheer brightness of the saffron sky, I got up to set my feet into the jogging shoes. Instantly, while scrubbing my shoes off dust in my balcony I noticed a girl pretty good in all aspects, was trying hard to shed some of her extra kilos,the task which the people might have inflicted upon her; however she barely needed it.

She looked pretty gorgeous as the Sun’s rays illuminated her pink cheeks, as her little twirl of hair oscillated in harmony, with every movement of her body. Her red top was marked with sweat patches to a small extent, which indicated her dedication for the work out. Her face was tired, however her hands and legs did show any symptoms of the same. They moved with equal vigour and energy.

A little later, when I came back to collect my towel from the balcony, I noticed that her Grandmaa, probably in her 80s , was trying hard to figure out about the exercise equipment.
Suddenly, I had a glimpse of her feet being raised up to the pedal,by the same girl who was working out few minutes ago.
She helped her Grandmaa to climb up the seat and roll the pedals.
An unexpected smile was spread on grandma’s face. Her wrinkles swung in joy. A child’s innocence was typically showcased on her face. Her grey hairs swung and oscillated as she stroked her feet to turn the pedal.
The girl also accompanied Grandmaa in her smile,making the moment even more beautiful!!


Those were the days


Image credits: Quotepix.com

Kids of 80s & 90s  part I

As the First Rays of The Sun Marked the beginning of Morning,we packed up our Weapons: Bat,Ball,Chilled water bottles from fridge,
Chair(Not to Sit But to Make it the Wicket) and a piece of Chalk and proceeded towards the Cricket Battle field.

Every grounded shot that touched the wall of the nearby fence, was a four,However if the ball crossed the fence the Batsman was deemed to be OUT!
These were some childish but adament rules,we had to abide by.

As the Clock struck 10,we were called by our Parents to have the breakfast which often meant to be BRUNCH for us!!

Each lesson that we used to learn with the notebook in our hands,with the eyeballs rotating in every possible direction,is still rejoiceable.

Every Sunday at 12,it was our Fundamental Right to sit Infront of the Television, for Our Favourite show SHAKTIMAN.
Whether in our own TV or the TV for the colony,there used to be equal amount of Rush,and No one wanted to be interrupted during these 3600 seconds!!

The only movie we used to watch in our homes was the movie at 4 on Sunday Evenings.

We didnt have Computers,Mobiles etc, bUT I still remember some of my friends explaining the PAINS they took to connect the VIDEOGAME to the TV,And play
Mario and Hocus Pocus.

The games included Pakdam Pakdai(Cop and the Thief),Chupan Chupai(Hide and Seek),Denga Paani,Vyapaari(The Business game),Ludo,And the most Interesting was to play

Miss those Childhood Days!!


Amazing :)



Amazing are the ripples that are created in a lake,
Amazing are the choco chips that are studded in the cake

Amazing is,what instantly emits from your Heart,when you see the Sun rising from the snow covered mountain peaks,
Till every bud blooms into a vibrant flower,and the honey of that flower is what the honeybee seeks;

Amazing is the cuckoo,singing so sweet,
Amazing is the moment,when partners in a long distance relationship meet.

Amazing is the love of a Mother,for she cares for us,compromises her life only to make our life meaninful,
Amazing is the guidance of a Father who nurtures,moulds, and prepares us for the best,making our lives Successful.

Amazing are the readers,which make a book emerge as great,
Amazing are the readers,who are still in the search of a rhyming scheme,but how about if i tell u,
Blue vitriol is the name for copper Sulphate.

🙂 No offence,just Innocence 🙂


Feel It!

Close your Eyes.


Take your mind to a mountain top covered with frizzy snow and a cushion of frothy snow makes your legs feel comfortable.



The winds are cool.You can clearly listen to their roars in the vast valley before yourself.
Yeah, that is, bit furious and you are probably horrified.

Grab all of your voice and scream out loud, ” Aaaaaaa. …oooooo….yaaa….hhh” for 10 seconds.


You hear the echo, as if the valleys are repeating after your narration.
” Aaaaaa… .ooooo…yaaaa…hh”

Now you feel better! Much better. A sudden silence grips you.You feel your soul!

Stretch apart your arms.

Take deep breaths.

Feel the aroma of the moist soil,amidst the snow covered peaks.

Feel the gusts of wind, gently massaging your face.

Feel the tiny raindrops and drizzle on your face, subjecting your soul into a world of bliss.

Feel your every heartbeat, as if they’ve a lot to talk to you!

As if they, had been craving since time immemorial, to find some time to share their feelings,with you.

Talk to them. Share all of your thoughts. All of your emotions. All of your experiences.
You will feel good. Extremely Good!