#IncrediblePics 6

Just found little lumps of jaggery in my garden. It may be just a pinch of sweetness for us, but it is food for so many of the Ants.

Nothing is big or small, it all depends on how we perceive them!!


InstaTale 3

While traveling in Public transport you may come across a lot of experiences, thoughts and conversations, obviously  your ears need to be off the headphones and your mind,off the virtual world!

So, there were two women much experienced in their respective lives as their grey hairs suggested. Chitchatting about their respective lives, one of the woman was continuously dominating over the other(who appeared to be bit elder) and probably her words looked down upon the other. There was a smell of ‘superiority complex’ ,in her words with the seasonings of ‘Brands’, ‘Over the top attitude’ ‘Larger than life knowledge about various aspects of what reaveals one’s status’ ,’ Catchy cosmetic brands’, ‘ Brand Value of her son’ and ‘Fashion quotients of her Daughter’.

While the other woman appreciated her words, she smiled at her more often to make her feel proud of her achievements. The talkative women seemed to ridicule the elder women about her being a ‘homemaker’ and not a career oriented woman. But the elder women kept calm.

Their deboarding point arrived, both of them bade goodbye. The elder women replied at last, “Many a times, the career of a woman is her own child’s life. If she makes it meaningful, that’s equivalent an achievement to her own career”.

We must not ridicule anyone for not being what we are! Everyone is successful in their own way.

Mothers are successful, the very day they bring a new life into the world. They need not prove their career growth to anyone!

Afterall,Success is not just being successful, but also upholding the dignity of Success!