7 Essentials for a catchy blog on WordPress

‘Droplet of likes, even few views and probably no comments’

If you hear out your blog stats shouting as such, Its high time for you to reorganise you blogging styles and complete the jigsaw puzzle of a lucrative and catchy blogpost.

Wondering how?

Come along..

  • What’s the problem? Keep on Asking yourself this question until you figure out an answer or choose from the following:
  1. My content is not able to grab attention, because there’s nothing new and exciting in it.
  2. My way of writing doesn’t connect with the readers.
  3. My ideas are too over the top and impractical for the people to relate and follow.
  4. Probably, the people are so jealous of my writing, that they refrain themselves from showing their interest.😎
  5. The images that link to my writing are actually too absurd to show off the intensity of my words!
  • Okay now that I have figured it out, let me make some changes.
  1. Reorganise your blog
  2. Categorisation is a must
  3. Tags do matter!
  4. Lucrative content first
  5. It should look good to the eyes or themes also matter a lot.
  • Reorganization is done! Let me be social.
  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. Pinterest
  5. StumbleUpon
  • Profiles created now what? Now a catchy introduction to your blog. Brag all what you are about but wait! Do not go cheesy. Maintain the co-ordination and no one can teach you that.(For eg. ‘I am an avid traveller who wants to travel the world’ can be written as ‘  A traveller’s soul on a rollercoaster ride across the globe!☺😎'(Yeah! If you don’t get me wrong, smilies can be really helpful)
  •  Followers???? Craving for them. Try to follow others and communicate with them often, I am sure they will find your words soothing enough to connect with you in turn.
  • Like, comment, share and lots of emoticons. They are your best friends. Be open hearted in taking their help to praise others who in turn will praise your work.
  • Add a signature or hashtags to your posts.
  • Take time, find a beautiful and spectacular featured image for you must have  heard a saying,” Sales depend upon the looks as well😎”

Try them and rock the blogging world!!

You’re welcome!!😎☺