The soliloquy of two souls..

No that was not me, that was someone, perhaps a better version of myself,

Holding your hands in the moonlight, sprinkling the stars in your praise, No it was not me,

She was quite passionate, but He knew passion was often garnered by patience,

Lonely nights and the silence, perhaps they never gave what it wanted, Imaginations lingered the feelings, thoughts were visible in the eyes, but they couldn’t read each other,

And after a decade of reminiscing, they weren’t too passive,

They read each other, like never before,

They submerged in each other and their soul was the witness, 

No it weren’t they, They were a better version of themselves!!


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She turned more cruel,

His love for her grew deeper;

That she seemed more far fetched,
they grew closer and closer…

It may not be called love,
But something… definitely existed!



Moments rejuvenate as love grows warmer,

Passion generates impulses,

Love engulfs the aroma of feelings,

Thousands of emotions substantiate the spectacular instances,

Making it better as the distances minimize.


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You are with me! You are in me!

In the garden of memories,

Flowers of feeling blossom,

Faces smile and cacade before eyes,

And the lips curve into smiles,

Goosebumps across the body,

Closed eyes feel their presence,

Soft cotton like breeze gently massages the face,

The warmth of the rising Sun comforts the cold skin,

The chirping of birds, as if they are the whispers,

Yes! I can feel your presence,

Yes! You are with me. You are in me.


She is the one!

She came, She touched and made me believe yes! She is the one;

She smiled, she rolled her curls and made me believe, beauty can’t be described better;

She loved, she kissed and made me believe that Passion can’t be explained better,

She was, she is and she will be mine,For She also knew, that I am the one!

No matter for others,she is not with me,  For me, We wake up in each other’s arms every day, we go to sleep in each other’s lap everyday!


I don’t know what they call it, But my Heart says it’s Forever!


The day I saw you,
I instantly fell in love,
However, someone made me realise, Oh! It was not love, The mortal people called it ‘Crush’.

Although it came all over my mind, and I began thinking about you, Not just day and night, on the streets, in the market, among friends, among colleagues; I randomly jerked off the feeling,”Oh! Just a crush!”

However hard I tried to convince, my heart literally said something else.
It pounded Hard, pumping more blood, as your thoughts occupied my mind.

I could not say what I felt like,
For it had never happened before,
For the feelings were not usual,
For it was something beyond what people called ‘crush’;
Probably It was love? I really dont know.

For I smiled, everytime you laughed at my jokes,

For I wept, when you got emotional,

For I strengthened myself, when you needed someone to rest upon,

For I believed that, yes! There was something between us, There is something between us, and it shall be forever!


The ‘Samosa’ story!

You observe a lot of people during travels, not just from your open eyes but also from the eyes and ears of your subconscious mind. And believe it or not, but it stays somewhere etched in your mind for a longtime provided it’s something unique and draws your attention instantly.

A similar instance, I tell you here.

I was on a visit to a nearby slum area for collecting soil samples for our Experiment. A Slum Rehabilitation project is the underlying reason.

So, it was a moderate day with bits and pieces of clouds giving symptoms of the upcoming rain. We had to be quick enough as the soil sample had be in dry state. Our team was constantly busy with the work. Once my work was done, I thought of clicking some pictures of the nearby locality for the project.

I strolled in the locality and observed something that got me drained with emotions. There was a little ,dusky girl in not so clean clothes trying to put off the accumulated water on the thatched room of their dilapidated hutment. 

Once she was done with the work,she descended from the roof and noticed her Father coming along with a packet of paper wrapped stuff. As the man entered their not so defined entrance, the girl ran and jumped into her father’s hands.The man held her girl high and revolved her around himself.

Following this, the little girl brought a steel plate and placed the stuff brought by her Father. It was Samosa( An Indian Snack!) Three in number and red and a green sauce accompanied it.

Source: via Google Images

The girl, her Father and her Mother sat down on the ground and guess what before they could start eating, the little girl grabbed two small pieces of the snack dipped it in the Red sauce and landed each of the two pieces respectively in her Father’s and her Mother’s lips. 

That moment was no less than a heavenly scene. The family was so happy, so contented, so innocent and rejoiced at the smallest of the small moments. Touch wood, but Their smiles are much more original than the fake smiles that are generally observed these days. They had that charm,that innocence and the feeling of bliss!!

May God Bless them and preserve their smile.


Scribble it On your Heart!

On a warm and scortching summer afternoon, as I entered into the Air Conditioned Classroom, I felt somewhat like Souls may feel once they step into Heaven. However, to my surprise, I realised, a few minutes later, that the classroom was so Jam Packed that the heat radiating out of the bodies itself challenged the air conditioner!

I was so exhausted by the heat outdoors, that my eyeballs were continuously in the search of a vacant corner across the length and width of the room, while my fingers managed to keep the sweat drenched hair, in a bit ‘okay’ form.The seated students gazed at me,no doubt, they were all cooled to freeze,while most of my visible unclothed portion perspired like anything. From face to the arms, from neck to the toe, hell lot of sweat drained over my body. A few drops of sweat owing to lesser surface tension of my moist skin and my acrobatic actions, were compelled to centrifuge out of my skin.

Luckily, I found a seat in the corner, beside the speakers in the seventh row from the Professor. The Professor, however, was too calm and kind, to trouble with his loud voice over the speakers.His voice was almost comparable to melody,after all he got to understand directly or indirectly,my drenched soul. I sank into the seat and took out my handkerchief to wipe out the perpiration off my face and neck.  Perspiration often create a bigger problem when two darling girls are sitting just infront of your seat! However, I was like, to hell with it!
Have you ever seen any girls sweating so profusely as the boys. Personally speaking,I have not!
But to say it, is should be a  matter of pride for all girls that No girl ever peanalizes you with body odour like boys do. But that’s sometimes due to situations and circumstances and a bit must be owed to the careless attitude of us. On the other hand,Girls always leave you spellbound and aromatised in their typical fragrances. For a moment or two, you just close your eyes try to catch hold of the fragrance a little longer than usual.

Okay, Now that its a long time, I have been talking about sweat and odour, let me take you into a bit romantic and sweet mood.
As I kept my hand over the attached Notebook plank, I saw some words scribbled over the perfectly painted plank.


picture credits(via google images)

“When You needed me, I was there for you. What If I were You? Would you be still there for me?”

Mann, these words actually captivate you to an extent as to make you enjoy a fantasy ride to your past where you yourself would have done something crazy like this.

Morally speaking, its not good to scribble like these, but when your teenage craziness drives you crazy, you almost let yourself off these ‘SET RULES’. Your partner, may or may not be with you physically, but obviously somewhere down your nerves her soul is constantly flowing, making you realize her at the stroke of each heartbeat.

Many a times, these scribblings signify that the cruel people have probably scratched so much out of you, that you’re in no mood to let go your anguish. Some people do it deliberately that it will be a symbol of their love, and to a few extent, that substantiates their love, until it is painted out by the administration.

Now, considering all the aforesaid, here’s a little thought:

Why cant we scribble it on our hearts, with the pen of emotions, with the tip of Love, with the ink of trust, with the fineness of respect? If we CAN love,can’t we do it with some heart, Can’t it be somewhat less extramural and more off into our souls?

Do Ponder Over!