Your Little acts of Happiness, can blossom a life once again! Don’t hesitate to smile, Don’t hesitate to make others believe that there ARE people who care for their smile….


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Thank you!

We don’t understand the importance of our moral science classes until we experience the things! 

The world is big, people are many, for you forget who has already helped you, or don’t know who is going to help you.

Instances need help, instances need assurance, instances need you to capture them, but in this process we rarely realise who has made their part in our lives, without whom,maybe we can’t be what we are today.

Since,the time you were born , someone has helped you at every step.

Just imagine, when you were born, some ‘lady with the lamp’ would have carried you to your family and announced your arrival into this world. Thank her now!

Imagine your first sip of water or milk, your parents feeded you. Thank them!

Imagine your baby steps to the corridor, your parents or your baby sitter would have helped you not to fall. Thank them!

Imagine your first day at school, you didn’t know why were you sent to school. You just sobbed and your parents too. Your teacher was there for you to make you smile with lots of toys! Thank them!

Imagine your highs and lows at school. Some friends were always there to make you enjoy in your highs, and push you up during your lows! Thank them!

You were introduced to God, or the eternal power as you may believe. Gradually, you realised He defines your path at every step. Thank them!

Imagine your first crush, if at all they converted into your love or not, their smile somewhere made your day. Thank them!

Imagine your graduation day at school and College, Thank your teachers and School and College!

Imagine your kids, they made you smile for no reason, they instilled bliss in you, they taught you ‘by their little acts of innocence’ , the things that no one else did.

Imagine a random day when your train was on the verge of departure,aNd someone helped you with your luggage to board it, and the train went across quickly. You were so OCCUPIED, that you remember at a later point of time, “oh ! Shit! I forgot to thank him/her. “. You don’t ponder but there are many more such people! Thank all of them!

Gratitude needs words blended with emotions!

Take your time! Ponder over! And if wanna thank someone, do it today!



We wander around in the search of love, but have we ever realized that there are some ‘unconditional lovers’ already in our lives whom we don’t value the way we should?

Value the love you already have, than trying to find someone to experiment your love skills.