Few moments for Mother Nature!

Over the past few decades, owing predominantly to human interference in the Natural processes, the Environment has been badly inflicted with the wounds of Increased GreenHouse Gas emissions, Oxides of Sulphur, Plastic waste and a huge amount of Toxic and Carcinogenic Bio Hazardous wastes.

Yes, this interference is not a new topic in the Global Debate arena; But the fact is that this is still a Breaking news! And everyday when thousands of individuals are getting affected by the same, we rarely care about it and just look at the Television sets or in the Streaming videos and give ‘Sorry’ glances!! Would that suffice the need of the hour?

Yes! I agree, there have been thousands of treaties, agreements, pacts and Summits; but it would be extensively ironic if I say that all of them where held in Air-Conditioned Auditoriums(That must have pumped in thousands of litres of Chlorofluorocarbons,thus contributing to Air Pollution) and must have generated huge amount of Plastic waste in form of Pet Bottles, Paper Napkins and many other such uncountable, yet visible items.

Travelling is one of most important ‘Life Goals’, these days. Most of them intended to click pictures of Beautiful Places and then destroying them and flushing garbage in all the serene and spectacular surroundings. Is that the way of living up your Life Goal?

Even a single plastic bottle thrown in such locations, takes thousands of Years to decompose into Non Hazardous Waste.

Google yields infinite info to curb pollution in your small ways, did  you ever care to read them and apply in your lives? If Not, do it today!

Don’t wait for others to make the change, Take a step ahead and lead the revolution! Once you lead, the remaining will automatically follow.☺👍

This time for Mother Nature!

 This time for Mother Earth!


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#ProjectGreen 4

Innovation driven technologies on Water purification, Saline water treatment and domestic water treatment units have emerged out in bulk since the last decade. A huge emphasis has been laid down on generation of more and more quantity of potable water. Obviously, its good for the upcoming generations, but an unnoticed fact that I would like to bring about is the increasing the wastage of water. 
Irresponsible attitude towards community water programmes and Government schemes is  one of the biggest factors supporting this. In addition to it, another important factor is the peak hour wastage of water. During this period generally the water is supplied in full force and any leakages or irresponsibly opened water taps may lead to enormous wastage of water. 

Many of you might be aware of water shortages in Latur district of Maharashtra. A dedicated train water sponsored by many known personalities was commissioned by the Indian Railways. And nearly all the people were dependent on this ‘Water Train’. Such is the scarcity of water.

Many of the Sub saharan and African countries have been subjected to frequent drought like conditions all the year round. Just try to think about them once before you waste another glass of water by just taking a sip from it and saying,” I am done!”.

It may appear arrogant and harsh but the ultimate truth is WE ACTUALLY WASTE A LOT OF POTABLE WATER, THAN WE CAN CONSERVE.

Just imagine how beneficial it could be, if you save just one litre of water each day! 

1l * 365 = 365l of water is saved by just one individual.

Say One Billion people join this ‘#A_litre _A _day ‘ initiative.

We can conserve 365 Billion litres of water in a year!!

  Also we need to work on the awareness part some more apart from etching the same of grounded realities.

1 post to spread awareness won’t cost you more than 5 minutes in a day! Try it!

Creating Difference calls for action and planning, hand in hand!


Image Source: in.undp.org & Flickr

#MissionGreen 2

Scrolling through my newsfeeds, I found an interesting post on how the initiative has been taken up by the school going students of Kota to curb the use of Plastics. 

They’ve all involved in collecting plastics from their home, parks, and adjoining areas in dedicated and segregated bins and collecting them which has proved to recycle about 2250 Kg of plastics within a month with the help of scrap dealers and local authorities.

This initiative is in collaboration with ‘Sagar Mitra’ project. 

I guess, this will definitely be an inspiration for all the Environmental organisations around the world. Please do try to take this initiative to a global level. 

Afterall we have to understand our responsibilities ASAP!

Hats off to you guys! 


#MissionGreen 1

Not everyday you get to stand in vicinity to a ‘Heat radiating’ air conditioned car!

Because you are probably inside the car, enjoying the music and the cool artificial atmosphere created by the air conditioner! Pssss…. “So what everyone does that!!! “You may think.

Okay! I understand.

 Do one thing, turn on the air conditioner of your car, wait for few minutes inside and then deboard from your car but remain in close vicinity to it.Within a minute or two, I guess, your skin starts getting a burning sensation.You feel like suffocating in the air. Within five more minutes, you will not be able to handle it any more.

Does it? In my case,it did! 

So, what is to ponder over!

The overutilisation of Air Conditioners should be avoided.

Why? Need I tell you about, the same which you’ve learning since fifth grade. The Environment, obviously.

Greenhouse gases have already been creating havoc for the past few decades.Our scientists had already discovered a lot about the causes and harms of the gases like CFCs(Chlorofluorocarbons), Carbon Dioxide, freon and many of them. You can google for more info, of course.

So, are you convinced? 

Well, we have no other option buddy! You will have to get convinced as well as try to convince others too. For No characters from Avengers would come to avenge the world, except YOU!

There are so many ways you can help out your Mother Nature. There are multiple organizations dedicated to this cause, the only thing you’ve to do is to Wake up now!

Will you? I guess you will.

A Small Request for a Big Cause!

 Try to pen down a post or two to make people aware that they need to act now. I know it will take some time, but can’t you find your Pokemon few minutes later!!☺